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Dealership rates are outrageous and Sears option is fine I guess but not sure their parts are up to standard. Where should I go, I just bought this car and don't have a trusty mechanic anymore.
Recently ,I took tha car for oil change at Jiffylube and after I could not open the auto top.The light stays yellow.Could this be due to blown fuse or some switch turned off?How much it would cost to repair if it does...
And, it started hesitating and then it just cut off in the middle of the light. Then I saw smoke under hood. What could it be?
Dealer checked they say short in fuel One shop had dmi modules is good One shop security code is lucked
All of a sudden my car abs brake, service engine light, battery light traction light and theres an exclamation point when I drive, slow acceleration and very foul smell what could this be?
It has 75000 miles, and I recently replaced powersteering pump. I feel like its going to blow up or something is going to break. Whats my problem?
I have not seen anyone in any blog with a similar problem.
The lid cleses but doesnt lock down. Is there anything that I can do withut going to a dealer?
About 2500 miles since last oil change, no visible oil on dipstick, also mnoticed lifter noise that is new
What i want to find out if ci 25 engine parts can fit in into other models of BMW
Happens when accelerating/decelerating - always right at 2000-2200 RPM. Most noticeable from a stoplight, accelerating in traffic, but have heard it at high speeds as well. They thought it was a problem with fuel pu...
the e fan doesnt come on when the temp goes above normal temp