Car starts ok but after driving a little loses power and sometimes cuts off

does this car have one main computer/ engine computer? how much should it cost to replace?

Trunk is in correct position. Put windows down in preparation. Light flashes but no action.

I took mine off I thought it was cracked but it wasn't .I saw that the thermostat was cock eyed so I put a new one in ,when I put it togeather again poured in anti freeze it poured out the bottom.i also noticed my sensor didn't have any covering on it ,does it need it.

I have a bmw325ci and my car has white smoke coming out the pipe when I put my foot on the gas and also sometimes when I start it up. Can anybody help me with why this is happing

Scraping sound in left rare tire whenever brakes is applied

Does this mean my electrical is going out?

Out its 2 of the very fine hose

I've pressed every single button and nothing. The only other thing it does is when I press the "R/T" button on the steering wheel, it says "phonebook" and then says "empty!" repeatedly.

This sadens me because i'm not going through my insurance again because out rates will sky rocket the last place did a crapy job they should fix it but there all the way in California we live in Arizona now so how do i put my bumper back on omg... help me please ......

took to shop, said computer setting needs to be reset. no problem with computer.

yellow break light comes on ,ive changed all rotors all break pads, both lower control arm and bushings,and the break pedal still vibrates makes this grinding sound.pretty much out of ideas please help.

The vibration starts when I'm driving 40mph for a while and I have no clue why I just got a new drive shaft, and mass air flow sensor. Had previous problems and got a tune up . 15 new hoses. New thermostat. New serpentine belt. Fuel flush. New oil seperator. New valve head gasket. After 6,000 put into my car my service engine soon just turned on after I got my driveshaft rebuilt with MAF. Any suggestions?

Hello Everybody,

I don't know anything about cars so here is my question. At the ignition there is an orange light on the dashboard saying "Service Engine Soon", but when I turn on the engine this light turns out. Should I be worried? I've just bought the car. Thank you for your help.

the cost of replacing a right side window regulator 2002 bmw 325ci

Will come on and cause a delay on first gear and then will turn off or we turn off car it will stop then won't do again for a few days. What can be causing this.