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Will come on and cause a delay on first gear and then will turn off or we turn off car it will stop then won't do again for a few days. What can be causing this.
Idle control valve replaced, CCV and hoses replaced, MAF replaced, it's not showing any codes on test, has a new fuel pump, alternator , new plugs, valve cover gasket replaced. Any suggestions? Should I replace fuel f...
My car will start several times in a row on the first time then all of the sudden I turn the key and I hear nothing but the fuel pump. I took it to the mechanic and he replaced my battery and ignition module to no ava...
Loud. Growl. Worse as speed es up. Nothing at a crawl
I filled my tank the other day and have driven over 70 miles since. My fuel gauge still says it's full and has not moved.
Owner's manual says it is the alternator. Is there something simple I can check b4 I take it into the mechanic? Thanks in advance for your wisdom. 97,500 miles
Engine temp slow to rise and a/c is charged but will not cool down cabin is there avalve or damper stuck and if so can it be replaced with minium tools? Thank you in advance, Bob T.
I've had lots of problems with components of the convertible top system failing, beginning around 70,000 miles. Mostly electrical/computer problems, but also some seals. The repairs have been very expensive. Has an...