auto zone read me these codes P0441, P1353,P1351, p0313,p0492, p0491

How to replace the driver side mirror?

This Happened after my car got stuck in snow and i was trying to get out of it. My dad chained my car to his car to help me out.i got out of the snow but the next day it wont move but it starts.

There are two rectangular covers on the panels where rear doors would be if the car had them. How do you replace those covers and attach the springs and position the pistons in the springs? A diagram would help.

How many hours does it take to replace a water pump from a certified mechanic?

What type of bulb for right turn signal ?

My engine light turns on for a while and then all of a sudden turns off and stays for a long time, what can this be?

occurs on all but very smooth roads. Top doors and windows seem to function normally

my passenger side wiper arm wont go all the way down to the cowl its up about 5 inches when in the off postion, apon inspection it seems that the arm was loose, the shaft that goes through the cowl all so moves, it is not tight like the driver side. I pulled the cap on the arm thinking that the nut was loose but its very tight, how do I expose the linkage? should the shaft that attaches to the wiper arm be loose? the wipers work fine with no issues other than the passenger arm not returning all the way down,but i can push it back down and it will stay....

The electric Fan is starting not to works when the air conditioner is on. Car overheats

I am having a problem with my alarm on the key, it won't work. Sometimes the passenger door wont unlock when i put the key in the door (now I have to manually lock/unlock my doors) i notice sometimes the alarm activates and doors lock w/my key but it's more seldom now. Any thoughts?

How much to replace front bushings?

steering, when steering is turned when going slow or stopped, a noise is heard.

Spare key has been rarely used for years and will not operate locks remotely. Will it recharge with frequent use? how long will it take? OR is it replaceable?

right front turn signal bulb needs to be replaced