i see only one place and it says atf only also manuel has no discussion about it anywhere

The code that came up said leakage inducing. Misfire on 1 and 3 plug.

Take spark plugs off & noticed water on them.

My car continued to drive normally, but the display that shows temp/miles/time/etc. was flashing with nonsense. I turned my car off and turned my lights off, which stopped the issue temporarily before starting again. I have also noticed that it is becoming more difficult to unlock my doors manually (the key fob does not work). Is it a computer problem or a electrical issue?

I am not getting heat or cool air. And I am not hearing anything working. I have already checked the fuses

I can't get the care cool, or warmed up without using the seat heaters.

no check engine light, car runs great, found info might be recall for computer,but checked vehicle vin for reall for that issue and car does not have recall based on vin

is there anything I can do about it. And my blower is not working

After drive forward for a while it works perfectly ,it happened 3 time in 4 months

That's where the leak is coming from

Car shudders when idling, accelerating and clearly running on only a few cylinders. Please can you advise how I can fix this, i.e I would probably replace spark plugs in a normal car but the Beamer is not normal!

Thanks Tim