i fill the radiator in green coolen and i drove the car like 2 hrs per day after 3 days i check the coolant i found the radiator empty i searched for leaked i didn't find some help please
PS: my car is bmw e46 323iA 1999

I am not getting heat or cool air. And I am not hearing anything working. I have already checked the fuses

I can't get the care cool, or warmed up without using the seat heaters.

My serpentine belt busted at the same time I fixed everything it still won't start?

no check engine light, car runs great, found info might be recall for computer,but checked vehicle vin for reall for that issue and car does not have recall based on vin

I recently replaced the starter but still having problems with the car not starting and now I believe that it may be the cable that's actually the problem

is there anything I can do about it. And my blower is not working

I've removed broken one and pulled two others from pick n pull no problem.
But when installing in door there is not enough space between window glass and door skin.
I've tried every angle and method short of removing window regulator. There must be a trick.
Any help is appreciated

After drive forward for a while it works perfectly ,it happened 3 time in 4 months

Feels like drivetrain? Wheels? Not sure after 5 miles an hour it goes away. It's just from dead stop.

Will not go faster than around 35mph. Making no noises.

That's where the leak is coming from

I just bought the car for $800 from a close friend and he said he only had the car for two weeks and one day it wouldn't start so he was just letting it sit. So I towed it to my house and tried jump starting it because the battery was dead and I just let it charge for a good 20 mins and tried to start it and it didn't do anything so I took the cables off and then let it sit for a few hours and then it started for me when I would pump the gas down real fast and then when I would stop pumping it, the car would die. No check engine light was on. And after that day it wouldn't start again.

Car shudders when idling, accelerating and clearly running on only a few cylinders. Please can you advise how I can fix this, i.e I would probably replace spark plugs in a normal car but the Beamer is not normal!

Thanks Tim

This is what the seller says about the car: 1998 BMW 323ic (e36 - convertible) - 5-speed manual - good clutch - mostly highway miles - new electric top and rear window (in full working order) - complete suspension overhaul over the last 3 years - new Racing Dynamics Strut Brace - brand new Pirelli P7 all season tires - engine runs beautifully - brand new radiator and fans - excellent heat and freezing A/C - regular oil changes - recently replaced brakes and rotors - complete service records for the past 7 years - no accidents - black exterior with tan leather interior - non-smoker - This is an amazing car that has really been taken care of and still has a ton of life left in it, plus it's a convertible! Asking $2499 or best offer.

It just happened during a 45 minute drive home - air condition, lights and radio was on. Happened about 6 to 8 times during the ride home. Took it to a specialized mechanic (drove without anything on during the trip to the mechanic - problem didn't reoccur). They were able to recreate the problem and replaced 2 relays in HVAC. Went to pick it up and the problem re-occurred while sitting in their parking lot. They say they've checked the alternator, battery and the entire wiring harness. There are no codes present. Thoughts?

There's a crack in the radiator I have the part to fix it I just need to find someone to install it asap

OBDII readiness status results=
Continuous Monitors=ready
Non-continuous monitors=only Oxygen Sensor....not ready
I drove 1000 miles already and still not ready!
Any good advise from you guys?
Thank you in advance,

Also I'm finding that the inside console button that locks and unlocks all the doors at the same time is not working. When I try to use my key remote to unlock the doors it won't work so when I insert the key into the door lock to unlock the door the door locks quickly before I have a chance to pull the handle to open the door. Spooky!!

2000 BMW 323I

else. Makes a lot of noise before pedal starts to bounces. than nothing have brake does not do anything else just when I first drive it.could it have anything to do with abs, no light.