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My vehicle starts well in morning when engine is cold. After the engine has heated and i switch off the engine , it wont start till the the engine is totally cooled.
i have changed the steering rack four times and each time the top seal keeps blowing out. i also changed the pump.
with engine swap we also upgraded the computer to one from the donor car that the engine came out of,
can this be repaired without replacing head gasket and retooling one cylinder? Value of car seems to be close to cost of replacing gasket. Is their a effective and less costly fix?
I need to replace the carbon canister valve but cannot find where it is located.
when it rains or wash it with the water hose
A brake light circuit light came on and I don't know what that means.
I have a 1998 BMW 323I convertible. How do I figure out rotor size? they say it can be 280mmx10mm or something else
i Have a BMW 323iC. I had a guy replace the alternator (it was dead & had been draining the battery previous to it finally dying). The alternator now works, the starter seems fine, everything engine-wise seems fine....
i have a 1994 bmw 325i that has sat for several years, i did get it to start by force feeding it fuel and it runs fine. i dont know how to diagnose where the problem is in the fuel delivery system. where do i start. a...
My 323i convertable heater and AC intermitentily works. The panel lights on the controls go out then come on with no other symptoms relating to it. Please help.
Has a strange "sulphur" smell after stopping
it's a 1985 but it won't show that on the list. Transmission: Automatic Engine: 2.3L straight 6. Fuel injected Runs on petrol Medium sized sedan My car is a strange one, i've recently purchased it. The main...
if the ignition lock cylinder was replaced could that of affected the camshaft sensor
if the camshaft sensor shows up on diagnostic check will the car shut down if it goes out