No check engine lights ,speed always increases at 45mph, similar to engaging cruise control.

I just bought a 1997 318I BMW convertable. I don't know the first thing about vehicle. I bought the car for my girl friend and two kids but one day a round ring came loose on the drive shaft and and a mechanic cut it off for $10 to help us out so it could be driven. He said it was made of rubber on the inside of the steel , could this be why the car shakes when driving and what kind of damage could it do. Cause we took the children to pismo beach and I want to see if I can't figure this out and see if we can afford to get OT replaced or fixed. I'm a man who only makes minimum wage

When starting my car the key would sometimes just spin all the way around then one day it got stuck on while running . I was told I needed the ignition lock cylinder. Don't have $$to buy a new one . My friend has a 98 .would that fit and work and if so where could I get a key made

The car will start if I push the clutch all the way to the floor, but will not start if I have my foot off of the clutch. Once it's on, the car seems to be in neutral and cannot move to any gears due to the fact that the clutch has nothing

I changed the radio and the auto stick is automatically in manual not auto I have to change it to auto every time i put in it drive and the light is no longer working showing what one it is in A or M

can someone help me with this

I just replaced the ignition on my 1997 bmw 318i. The dash lights will come on in acc mode but the car still wont start.

when i turn on car and all dash goes on and off, the engine light is one that DOES NOT turn on at all, can't pass inspection do to this problem, please help!!

my car shakes/vibrates when i reach a speed of 80km/h and the steering becomes hard.

the problem is persistent

head gaskit changed now car does not starts
current and fuel checked

head gaskit replaced now can not start it fuel and current is ok by does not starts ?

how much does it cost

off with a running compressor,loud sound of grinding fan, the controller screen is off but the compressor not, even the buttons are confused, bad and loud sounds of the a/c fan,it is totally confused, i am unhappy for this. summer is on the way, it will be like hell,please help..