Blown Head Gasket on 1998 Ford Taurus

I have a used 98 ford taurus with under 90,000 miles on it and after blowing white smoke and spewing fluids everywhere i looked at the engine oil dipstick and discovered a thick caramely milk. after looking up why the smoke was coming out i found a blown head gasket.. can anybody tell me how much it would cost to have it done? i realize to do it myself will take a lot of time and help..

by in Poway, CA on March 14, 2009
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ANSWER by on March 15, 2009
According to the RepairPal Estimate guide, it will run from $1175-$1663 on a 3.0 liter V6 with out the dual over head cam engine. Does your 3.0 V6 have dual over head cams?
COMMENT by on August 03, 2011
and if you're doing one side, do both. I took a gamble and only did the side that was blown about 7 months ago and now the other one went. everyone told me if you're doing one you should do the other but I went cheap.
ANSWER by on February 17, 2010
If you don't have the cash now, try liquid glass (generic name) for now. It has worked so far on two cars, including a v6 Taurus. You must follow the instructions exactly.
ANSWER by on January 30, 2011
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