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Mercury Cougar Battery Light Due to Damaged Alternator Wire Harness Connector

Mercury Cougar Problem
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Model Years Affected: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1997, 2000, 2001, 2002

Average Mileage: 105,904 mi (14,500 mi - 197,000 mi)


The battery light may illuminate on the instrument panel because the alternator wire harness connector is damaged. A new connector kit is available and should be installed to correct this concern.

  • Visitor, , 75,000 mi

    Ive had the alternator and battery replaced in my Cougar three times now. The last time was only about 3 months ago. Now....once again the battery light has come on, meaning the battery is not charging correctly. An expensive alternator change now seems to be more frequently required and its very frustrating. I cant figure out how my car is going through alternators so quickly. Seems to be just eating them up one after the other. Of course every time my alternator has been changed its been replaced by Ford. Which may be the problem.

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  • Visitor, , 81,000 mi

    Lights dim and the car may stall. Also the lights get significantly brighter at higher rpms. Second cougar fromthe 99-02 vintage with the same issues. The fix is to replace the wiring harness from the alternator... its wedged up against the firewall and rubs till it shorts and kills the alternator

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  • Visitor, , 117,000 mi

    While driving, car dies and wont start. replaced battery, alternator and still dealing with this. Ford 800 # wont fix this problem, tell me i am on my own???? Not happy

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  • Visitor, , 145,000 mi

    I have had my alternator, assy harness and brand new battery replace back in 2010 and now in 2013 .... last night coming home by battery light came on and has stayed on. Today we had the battery tested but the charging system is not charging. It just doesn't seem right 2 alternators in 3 years? Is there a bigger problem that the mechanics aren't finding????

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  • The battery light on my daughters 97 cougar stayed on even after the alternator
    and battery were replaced. Checked both fuse blocks, (the low and high current fuses)
    and found all in good working order. Tried the connectors to the alternator and they
    were in fairly good shape...I mean the clip were broken but otherwise in tack. So, I
    decided I'd had enough and took it to a reputable mechanic I know and he put it on the
    diagnostic machine and found the MEGA FUSE (175amp) on the fire wall in the engine compart-
    ment near the battery was blown. Don't know what she did to blow this big fuse but since the
    repair everything seems to be fine. And, oh yeah, Only $45 for the diag and $10 for the
    fuse and install. A continuity check would have probably led me to the problem, but, Oh Well!
    He also told me that the alternators are a lot of trouble so dont be suprised if you have
    to replace it several times even if its a new one.

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  • Visitor, , 45,000 mi

    My light only comes on when its cold out. I've had everything checked, and all is well with the charging system.

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  • Visitor, , 81,000 mi

    this will be my 4th time replacing a brand new ALTERNATOR!! What really is irritating is when u take it to the dealership and you tell them this and have no care in the world to help with the issue of there own make and model.

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  • Visitor, , 160,000 mi

    My battery light illuminates on and off and my car dies all the time

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  • batt light comes on put a test lite on the plug from the alt the one that has constant power is brite the one that gets power when the switch is on is week sometimes charges at 14.4 and jumps to 17 plus and not at all

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  • Visitor, , 15,780 mi

    Replaced battery three times and two alternators . Same issues. We'll try the new harnesses.

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