Battery Dead After Sitting for a Few Dayson Dodge Ram 2500

A software issue with the sunroof module may lead to a battery drain while the ignition is off. This may cause a dead battery if the vehicle is left parked for a couple days, however reprogramming the sunroof module with new software may fix this problem.

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Average mileage : 33,500 (7,000–60,000)
3 Years Affected: 2006, 2007, 2010
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i have a 2010 dodge ram diesel (no sunroon). 1st time truck sat four days and interior lights were dim and insufficient power to start truck. i thought my cell phone charger may have drained battery. used charger to charge battery and restart. truck ran fine and restarted for 1 week no problem. now truck sat for 3 days, no cell phone charger and truck is completely dead.
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Battries completly dead. Dealer could not find any problem. Jumped it to start. No problem sense.
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