Bad rear hub/bearing unit on Honda Accord

Average mileage: 51,479 (9,000–200,000)
Drive Trains affected: Automatic Transmission, Manual Transmission
7 model years affected: 2003, 2004, 2008, 2010, more2012, 2013, 2014
24 people reported this problem
18 people shared problem details
2010 Honda Accord- Automatic Transmission21,762
A steady growling/humming noise is now present @ 30 MPH and above from the rear. The rear wheel bearings are the issue. I first noticed a scallop of the right rear tire and what felt like a holding back upon acceleration. Finally the loud growling noise soon followed. I changed both rear sets and have reported this to NHTSA before someone ejects a rear wheel assembly at highway speeds.
2010 Honda Accord- Automatic Transmission58,500
When reaching approx. 30 mph a "roaring" sound started coming from the rear of the car. Turned out to be a bad right rear hub/bearing unit - which was covered under 60k mile warranty. There is a TSB 10-028 that has been issued.
2012 Honda Accord- Automatic Transmission33,600
My rear drivers side tire squeals only sometimes between 40-60 mph and the wheel gets really hot and smells like something is hot. Honda Dealership wants a 100 $ diagnostic fee to diagnose the problem. I have a CV joint clunking in the passenger side front tire since day 1, I have paid the diagnostic fee to have the problem looked at, although they are unable to duplicate the noise. I honestly have a problem throwing 100 $ bills at the Honda dealership when the problems are very noticeable and the car is still under warranty. I have never heard of anything like this before, charging customers diagnostic fee's while the car is still under warranty. If they find the problem then the diagnostic fee will go towards the repair of the car... I just cannot understand how this is legal while still under the 3 year 36,000 mile warranty. My problems are minor but still very costly and I hate the fact I either repair the car myself or I drive it until the bearing stops and Honda will then tow it to the dealership and make the repairs. Very disgusting!! I think it is still wrong and very ignorant customers are not being told they have diagnostic fee's while still under warranty.
2013 Honda Accord- Automatic Transmission42,000
I just purchased used 2013 accord with 42000 miles and 2 days later heard possible bearing noise in rear. So I pulled both tires and took brake Caliper loose and sure thing when I spun right hub it was definitely bad and left side is not quite as bad but I'm going to change both I assume the drive train warranty doesn't cover this and basic warranty was up at 36000 miles . Ohh well it's a Honda and I still have faith. Also I notice there is multiple manufacturers of this bearing so choose wisely. D.Mc.
2010 Honda Accord- Automatic Transmission33,700
Noise began 3 days ago - noticed when I started up a hill going out of subdivision. Low, droning noise, with some resistance and lag in acceleration. The noise isn't always present, but it appears when RPMs increase. Even my husband heard it yesterday and he's hard of hearing! I took it to my local Honda dealer today- where the car was purchased in 2010. They called to say that they couldn't replicate the noise, and could find nothing wrong. I'm glad they say nothing is needed, but I KNOW that the noise is real, and was even worse this morning.
2010 Honda Accord20,120
I heard a hamming noise coming to the right rear wheel , I when to the dealership to have it fix under guarantee , they told me if the problem will notice they will cover , after the test drive with a mechanic , he said cant duplicate a noise , they did some wheel rolling test but they cant duplicate a noise , of course the two wheel in the front is not a issues , the sound is on the back , can hear more loud on the right rear, my guarantee will expires next month , so disappointed
2013 Honda Accord- Automatic Transmission60,000
I noticed at 50k miles a squeak occasionally, tires always roared so I didn't pay that any attention, took in for routine tire rotation, both back wheel bearings bad
2012 Honda Accord- Automatic Transmission37,000
I hear noise come out from the rear driver side. I check and replace wheel bearing.and still make noise at 30 mph
when rear windows left or right are down i hear an aweful roaring sound while driving at thirty mph.
2012 Honda Accord- Automatic Transmission60,000
When at sppeds above 30-35 roaring heard from back of vehicle
2003 Honda Accord- Manual Transmission200,000
I think I have a front wheel bearing going out. I hear a roaring noise from the front end when I get above 40 mph, when I have it in 4th gear around 2,000 rpm and push the gas it vibrates in the front end. Could it be the wheel bearing?
2008 Honda Accord- Automatic Transmission86,000
Roaring noise coming from rear of vehicle. Sitting in the back seat can here it without a problem. Jack car up and spin tires. Do not hear any noise that would indicate bad bearing. Help!!
Growling noise at low speed and gets worse with increase in speed. I was told that one of my tires were cupping. Replaced all four tires with Michelin Latitudes and the car still exhibited the same problem. Other similar complaints on this page point out rear hub bearings needing replacing.
2013 Honda Accord- Automatic Transmission24,000
Noise like an airplane propeller beginning at 30 mph, pretty pronounced at 40. Fixed today (dealer replaced right rear bearing).
2013 Honda Accord- Automatic Transmission32,000
After having tire rotation performed at 25,000 miles noticed unusual noise when driving 45 mph and above. Took car in to dealer and immediately diagnosed left rear wheel bearing bad. They are ordering part but I am not sure they will cover under warranty. Awaiting word on that issue as well as recently discover head gasket leak.
2013 Honda Accord- Automatic Transmission18,600
The car makes a whirling sound in the rear wheels when around 25-40 mph. Took it to the dealership, and they said it was the rear camber. These were replaced for $600 (under warranty)but the sound persists.
2013 Honda Accord- Automatic Transmission9,000
The sound comes on and off randomly and becomes really loud sometimes recently (currently 12000mile) 1.5 year old.
2010 Honda Accord- Automatic Transmission90,000
My problem started at about 90000 miles. It is a roaring sound. We have rotated the tires and checked the bearings and still can't figure out what the sound is. Will be talking to my local Honda dealer to see if they can diagnose the problem.
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