Auxillary Heater Hose Connections May Develop Coolant Leaks on Dodge Grand Caravan

The auxiliary heater hose connections (that are routed to the rear heater under the vehicle) can develop coolant leaks.

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Average mileage: 97,215 (7,100–191,000)
10 model years affected: 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, more2000, 2002, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013
47 people reported this problem
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had coolant leak to aux heater. tracked it down to a leaky y connection directly behind the coil pack. Dealer wanted $190 for a replacement assy. Told me it can't be repaired. What I did was remove the plastic Y. and install a T fitting. On one end it goes to motor. other end I put one heater hose. I then used a small piece of heater hose to attach a 90 degree elbow to the open part of the T. This I connected to the other heater hose. Total cost. $27 including antifreeze and clamps. I bought a foot of heater hose but only used about half of it. No leaks and looks like it belongs there since my hoses aren't twisted at any weird angles. Total materials list. 1 T, 1 Elbow. 6 inches heater hose, 6 clamps and a gallon of antifreeze. No need to remove hoses from metal tubes at firewall either. Total repair time about 15 min.
heater core 'Y' connector leaking from seam in main piece. Smelled hot antifreeze but could find no leak at first. Finally tracked it down with car running watching the anti freeze spew out of the little pinhole! Dealers will not/cannot sell just the Y, comes as a unit with hoses/tubing etc. Installed about $350.00 Just replaced the Y with brass T and 24" of 5/8 heater hose and 3 regular hose clamps. About $19.00.
Antifreeze loss, intermittent heat.
metal hose is rusted and leaking all coolant
Top of Y fitting split open and was spraying coolant every time gas pedal was pressed. Was discovered by horrible odor and smoke/steam eminiating from under hood while driving. Was dropped at dealer as emergency repair & repaired under extendand warranty - total repair would have been $186. Car would have been undrivable though.
rear heat and return line v-shape connector under the hood against the fire wall, had developed a leak as the v-connector (made out of a nylon type material) cracked. I replaced it once already, and it now had developed another leak in the same location, so I am attempting to replace it yet again.
Leaking Anti freeze and we do not see where it is coming from; therefore it may be the under body hose. Getting it checked.
Auxillary heater hose conenctiosn my develop coolant leaks
Didn't just leak, it split and blew coolant all over the engine compartment. ~$350 to fix by replacing the entire assembly.
Dodge journey part is on major back order
steel piping going to rear heater
When the van runs a while the coolant leaks out and steam and that smell comes from the hood. When I stop for a while it stops.
Replaced the Y joint
Actually, our vehicle is a 2009 VW Routan, (same vehicle as Dodge GC). At around 85K miles, I started noticing coolant every now and then under my wife's van. And at the last oil change, the guy at the quick-lube place did have to add coolant. I found through an Internet search that it is often the Y-pipe feeding the heater cores, I wrapped an old sock around that fitting and checked it a few days later. Sure enough, it was soaked with the red coolant. We opted to have the dealer fix it, since the van was due for its 84K mile service anyway.
Losing coolant. Can smell it.
fitting split and caused excessive heat to build in the engine car overheated. problem not resolved yet
pinhole antifreeze leak looks like it is near firewall and vehicle makes noise when heater runs. Vehicle is 1999 Ford Explorer XLT.
Leaking heater hose at Y connection. Replacing it with a new one. Several videos on YouTube are useful in diagnosis and repair regarding this issue.
The plastic Y fitting for the heater hoses cracked. Replaced with a kit from the auto parts store. The Y cracked again after 3 months. Going to replace with a metal fitting.
I have the exact same Y-contector issue. Driving home one night, smelled hot coolant & smoke pouring from the engine due to antifreeze spewing everywhere. Took a while to figure out where the leak was coming from, but this is definitely it. Is this a factory recall at this point?
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