Chrysler Sebring Problem Report

Chrysler Sebring Automatic Transmission May Have Shifting Problems

(46 reports)

The automatic transmission can develop problems like erratic shifting, rough shifting, or delayed gear engagement. Repairs for many of these problems are outlined in service bulletins.

the car jumps after coming to a stop. the car will not shift sometimes until i turn the engine off and restart the car -
Right now my 2006 Sebring is stuck in my driveway. I cannot get the gear shift out of Park. The car starts with no problem, I put my foot on the brake to move the shift, but it doesn't move!!!!! -
when car is cold slow to go into gear, have to rev engine and then jerks into gear. Made a whinning sound as well, flushed trans and replaced filter and fluid. This seemed to fix the sound but still slow to shift into gear when cold. -
shifting problems -
Check Engine light came on and ca will not shift out of 2nd gear! -
Paid for rebuilt transmission and it still "downshifts" from D to 2nd gear, sometimes will not go forward but will drive in reverse. Too many miles I guess. -
found my gear shifting to be a linkage issue covered under a 2000 recall from Chrysler. Problem solved, no charge -
does not shift past 3rd? -
Never shifts the same some times it has a delay when coming to a stop sign and will have a harsh shift starting again -
I cannot change gear at all.It is not fix yet. This is the second time this problem has occurred in the last 4 years. The chrysler dealership had to pick up the car. -
Won't shift out of third replaced the shift solenoid it still won't shift. She won't let me go faster then 60.. RPM's go past 6 -
Jerks into gear sometimes. Currently, stuck in 2nd gear. When putting the top dow, the top will jerkily go down as the engine revs and the speedometer says the car is going 20mph even though it's in park. -
When it's cold out the car slips out if gear when first started. Have to let it warm up then it drives fine. The rest of the day it's fine even if it's cold all day. It only happens first time it's started for the day. -
same problem here. jumps 2k rpm to 6k rpm shifts erratically. I have to turn it off and restart to drive the car. -
it is shifting hared from first to second gear -
Clunk sound when shifting from low to second, everything else ok -
My Daughters 2004 Sebring won't engage in any gear when it starts getting cold roughly 38°. it will eventually go into gear if you sit with it in reverse or D long enough. We had the transmission fluid changed & a complete flush to no avail. We haven't had it repaired as of right now. -
When pushing on gas slightly it jerks. -
The car is stuck in park. when I attempt to shift out of park (the brake is engaged) it will not shift; it sticks repeatedly in park and then all of a sudden will allow you to shift. -
Transmission slips when first started and put into drive. Once warmed up it is fine. -
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