The Sunroof May Jam or Not Close Correctly on Mercedes-Benz ML430

The arms for the sunroof wind deflector may break; if the broken pieces are not removed, they can jam the sunroof.

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Average mileage: 94,827 (40,000–141,327)
3 model years affected: 1999, 2000, 2001
20 people reported this problem
8 people shared problem details
sunroof opens and refuses to close, gets teasingly close....grrrrr I own a repair garage and do not want to deal with the issues this car has. I would rather drive an 88 honda
Loud crunching sound wheb last opened. Not yet fixed
My paronamic roof wont open or jam when trying to close it. Now it won open at all and you will hear the motor trying to do so.
The metal front piece fell apart after two years. Still have teh parts.
broken lift arm for wind protector
Sunroof plastic cover stuck. Do not use sunroof.
sun roof opens, say half way. You hit the button to close it, but it opens all the way. have had to play with it up to 2 hours, getting someone to pull while other jogs switch.
Sunroof would open, but not close due to deflector arms not operating correctly. Removed deflector and arms. Sunroof now works.
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