Annoying vibration while stopped and in Drive. on Toyota Camry

Average mileage: 161,071 (69,000–278,000)
9 model years affected: 1991, 1994, 1995, 1997, more1999, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2012
23 people reported this problem
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problem details
1995 Toyota Camry 94,832 mi,
Rough Idle/Vibration when stopped in drive If I put in Neutral its smooth as silk. Very annoying, have replaced the air filter spark plugs spark plug wires replace auto transmission fluid, flushed radiator, replaced PVC Valve, dog bone motor mount, and just for the heck of it the main belt for air/Generator to. Cleaned Throttle Housing with Throttle plate cleaner. Still does the same thing when in gear and stopped!!
vibration while stopped, feels like a muscle car, when the AC is used
After much research and replacing all the motor & transmission mounts I discovered the solution. "Exhaust Hanger Replacement." Wait till you see what Toyota is charging for these little babies. Essentially there are 5 hangers. Front, mid and front muffler hangers are all permanently attached to spindles and a small metal hanging chassis. Replacement is easy and can be done with just a socket wrench. The local dealer here charges $63 a piece (without installation) and $12 for the rear muffler hanger. If you could just replace the rubber the entire job would cost less than $10...But No!! By just replacing the mid and front hanger I eliminated 60% of the annoying vibration. After replacing the remaining 3 I had a brand new 95 Camry.
2007 Toyota Camry 120,000 mi,
Severe vibration when car is stopped and gear selector is in drive. Vibration increases when ac is on. Solution clean the throttle body and throttle valve and mass airflow sensor with correct chemical cleaners to get rid of carbon buildup on them. This fixed the problem. I still have slight vibration but this is not a V6 and not a new car of course. The vibrations where so strong that I thought that it was a broken motor mount but after replacing those and still having the problem I knew it was something else. Check you tube for cleaning throttle body and mass airflow sensor. This is something most people can do if you can do small repairs on cars. Good luck.
1995 Toyota Camry 186,000 mi,
Slight shudder while car is in drive but stopped at a light with your foot on the brake.
I noticed this on my vehicle. If I shift to neutral, the vibration decreases. Articles on the Internet recommended a Top Engine Cleaning service which my dealer says they don't do anymore. I had this problem on my 1996 Geo Prism (Corolla). UPDATE: I've just had the top "dog bone" engine mount replaced at about 136K miles. It was pretty worn. That may have contributed to the vibration. It should have contributed to the jerky stops and starts I was starting to see.
1991 Toyota Camry 245,000 mi,
Vibrates in gear only at idle switch to neutral and it smooths out
1994 Toyota Camry 69,000 mi,
When stopped I get vibration.Fills like its coming from POWER STREERING PUMP
2003 Toyota Camry 250,000 mi,
my car has a vibration while stopped in drive. I replaced the motor and trassmision mounts
1999 Toyota Camry 80,000 mi,
car vibrates bad in drive while stopped at red light a little less when I shift to neutral all engine and trans mounts have been replaced
Ok, was told muffler needed to be fixed. Car makes a(not obnoxious) clunk sound when I go over speed bumps slowly.
1994 Toyota Camry 111,000 mi,
new exhaust but still sounds load car vibrates when it idles and in drive