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Toyota Camry Annoying vibration while stopped and in Drive.

Toyota Camry Problem
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Model Year Affected: 1995

Average Mileage: 159,910 mi (146,320 mi - 173,500 mi)

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    After much research and replacing all the motor & transmission mounts I discovered the solution. "Exhaust Hanger Replacement." Wait till you see what Toyota is charging for these little babies. Essentially there are 5 hangers. Front, mid and front muffler hangers are all permanently attached to spindles and a small metal hanging chassis. Replacement is easy and can be done with just a socket wrench. The local dealer here charges $63 a piece (without installation) and $12 for the rear muffler hanger. If you could just replace the rubber the entire job would cost less than $10...But No!! By just replacing the mid and front hanger I eliminated 60% of the annoying vibration. After replacing the remaining 3 I had a brand new 95 Camry.

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    Ok, was told muffler needed to be fixed. Car makes a(not obnoxious) clunk sound when I go over speed bumps slowly.

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