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Honda Civic Airbag Light Due to Failed Occupant Position Sensor

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The airbag warning light (SRS) may illuminate due to a defective occupant position sensor. Honda has a recall campaign to replace defective sensors on affected cars.

Air bag light on Honda civic 2006 2007 2008 so called crimp in floor airbag srs harness . possible solution that worked for me dtc 34-10 0r 32-10 check yellow connector under passenger seat it may be a lose connection , push the yellow connector together if air bag light goes off, use some tape to hold the connector together so when you go over a bump in the road the yellow connector will not separate. This solution saved me $1400 good luck you may beat the stealership this way .. -
SRS is consistently on; I also check with Honda dealer. They said the seat position sensor is defective and must be replace by new one which costs $170 + tax. It's a ridiculous price. Does anyone know how to solve the problem without dealer? -
Airbag light comes on intermittently especially after the front passenger seat has been moved to allow access to the back seat. As long as the seat is not moved the light stays off. -
Airbag light won't go off, haven't diagnosed problem yet -
I had the air bag indicator light on dash wouldn't go off, I have the pocket scan that allows you to connect with the on board computer so you can read problems and clear the issues but it doesn't work on this. I did read one blogger specifically mention the yellow plug located under the seat can be the cause and he was dead on. It took me 1 minute to resolve issue, I located the yellow plug (male/female connector) under the drivers seat pushed it together it clicked nice and tight, air bag light is off, thanks to that blogger. -
Airbag light remained on for almost a year on my 04 civic -
my air bag "lights" comes on and off and on and off and on and off and on and off.............. -
The airbag light (icon) stays illuminated although at first it was intermittent it is now constantly on. It appears that the back seat, passenger side is the source of the problem. -
My SRS light came on. Dealer sad it was the seatbelt sensor, and wanted $200+ to fix. Dealer said since seatbelt works even without the sensor, warranty won't cover. I have not fixed the problem yet. -
Airbag light on -
Air bag light remains on constantly the past 2 years. It has been fixed twice. The repair lasts about 5-6 weeks then Air bag light comes back on permanently. Have not fixed a 3rd time. A 2003 Honda Element. -
light just came on 2 days ago. Yellow switch seems okay, not loose. -
Got into an accident and the airbags deployed it got repaired but the airbag light has never shut off... Still has not been repaired -
Got in an accident and it has been on ever since... still not fixed -
Airbag light on -
Air bag light on and off. -
Passenger side seat/air bag red warning light stays on -
dealer found code 34-10. Isn't fixed yet, can't get an estimate from local dealer. -
I have this light coming out, and knew was a sensor but I didn't know a recurring problem,. I'll take this to get it fix.. Thank you -
SRS light stays on -
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