Volvo S70 Problem Report

Volvo S70 Check Engine Light Due to Failed Secondary Air Pump

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The secondary air pump may fail causing the check engine light to illuminate. The cause is often a failure of the air pump check valve that contaminates the air pump with exhaust gas/moisture.

This is an easy fix. Check valve fails, condesation enters pump, bearings freeze, shazam CEL light is on. Air pump is under battery tray. Buy a rebuilt pump with warrenty on ebay ~$150. Buy a new check valve ~$50. Buy a new relay (#2 in main fuse box) ~$20. Replace parts. Done. -
Check engine light due to failed secondary air pump. Check valve failure also. -
I recently bought my 98 volvo s70 from a guy that had pulled out the check engine light. Well comes to find out that i am throwing 10 codes and had to do with the smog pump/air pump -
Air pump whining loudly for several months when first started, then abruptly stopped with CEL. -
Air pump failed due to moisture from failed check valve -
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