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Volvo V70 Air Pump Failure Due to Failed Air System Check Valve

Volvo V70 Problem
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Model Years Affected: 1998, 1999, 2000

Average Mileage: 178,733 mi (127,200 mi - 225,000 mi)


The secondary air pump may fail causing the check engine light to illuminate. The cause is often a failure of the air pump check valve that contaminates the air pump with exhaust gas/moisture.

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    We just bought a v70 in great shape with high mileage. Check engine light is on and we have checked the OBDii codes 4 times and had a local Volvo dealer also spead an hour checking things and this item has been ID'ed as the reason for the fault code/light. Dealer said pump & valve had both failed and needed to be replaced.

    The Dealer cost for this was estimated to be $900 for the pump and 1.5 labor hours. Total cost was said to be over $1,200.

    On the web I have found a new Volvo parts pump for $600 and an OEM pump for $400. On Ebay I found a rebuilt one for $140 (2 yr. warrenty) and a used one foe $132 (1 yr. warrenty).

    We need this to work so it will pass annual state inspection. We plan to buy the re-built one and a new valve and have our local shop install it.

    The V70 itself runs great now and I hope this pump does not effect the operation of the car.

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    check engine light is on and one of the code saids something about gas just bought this car in tenn, now cant get it licensed in n.c.

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