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Honda Accord Air Conditioning Blowing Warm Air

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Model Years Affected: 1999, 2000, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

Average Mileage: 69,508 mi (3,000 mi - 184,000 mi)


The AC condenser failed due to contact with road debris and a lack of protection for the condenser.

  • Visitor, , 8,300 mi

    Just bought a brand new 2013 Honda Accord. I have been a loyal Honda customer my entire life. My a/c was not cooling, so I returned to the dealership where I bought it. I was told a rock hit my condenser, all of the freon leaked out, and the condenser would have to be replaced. The condenser part will cost approximately $135, but with installation it will cost $650! After all of my research online it appears this is a wide-spread problem with the design and Honda is actually making money off of the defect by charging outrageous service fees to fix the problem. It disgusts me to think this could happen again and again and again!!! So I will need to continue to pay this much money each time road debris hits my car??? Furious that Honda will not fix this flaw!!!!!!

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  • Visitor, , 5,000 mi

    I am assisting my friend with this same issue. Sounds like a common problem...I had never heard such a crazy explanation and thought the dealer was full of it. Got the car in November and 1st time using the A/C it did not work. The advisor explained (without opening the hood) that a rock likely damaged the compressor and it is a $700 customer pay repair, not covered in warranty. BRAND NEW CAR.

    Wow, so I contacted the District Manager and before I could explain what happened he also brought up the "road debris" scenario unsolicited. So this is TWO people volunteering up that it might be damaged from something hitting it. Sounds like a very well-trained staff covering for a design flaw. Wow. Well I referred her to hammer on Customer Care and awaiting the results of that. Wow I cannot believe this is so common, clearly it is a known issue at Honda. Likely not driving any repeat business off of this one.

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  • Visitor, , 69,000 mi

    The AC condenser failed due to contact with road debris and a lack of protection for the condenser. This has happened to me twice, once in November of 2011 and again this month January 2013. Why can Honda fix this problem?

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  • Visitor, , 51,600 mi

    Just had the condenser replaced in my 2011 Acura due to damage from road debris. Judging from various postings this is a common problem. If enough people complain maybe Honda will reimburse the owners. After spending $830.00 to replace it, the problem could repeat itself again and again.

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  • Visitor, , 20,000 mi

    Had the same problem with my Honda Accord, AC started blowing hot air, went to Honda dealer for diagnostics, the problem was condenser got shot by road debris. The charges to fix are about 650. Spoke to Honda customer service at headquarters no sympathy...suggestion get it fixed through insurance. Highly disappointing experience with no real solution.

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  • Visitor, , 25,400 mi

    a/c not working because of road debris that hit the condenser..

    Estimated cost acoording to my mechanic 475.00 to 500.00

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  • Visitor, , 11,000 mi

    AC blowing hot air

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  • Visitor, , 12,500 mi

    Air compressor needs replacement

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  • Visitor, , 17,521 mi

    My A/C start to blow hot air. Went to Honda Service and they would take at least 1 day to diagnose and only do it during the week day from 9-3. Went to a mechanic friend and run the diagnostic test and did the complete leak test. Found no leak. Completed the recharge process and changed cabin filter in less than 1hr for about $110. Reviewed all comments about Honda A/C problem and the dealerships negligence to fix the problem or do a decent service i'm very disappointed. I would definitely reconsider my options for the future purchase and pass this info to friends and family. Honda is becoming less valuable crappy products. Production line defects I suspect.

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