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Ford Five Hundred air conditioner compressor

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Bought car brand new. In 2009, the air conditioner stopped working. Had compressor replaced two years ago, in 2012. Worked well the first summer (2013), but not as cold as it should have been. This summer(2014); not so great. Cools a little sometimes, but very inconsistent. Cold air would come and go. This summer, cold air is almost nonexistent. Frequently during this time, I ovserved other Ford 500 car owners driving in the sweltering heat with windows down meaning they had the same problem. Know two other Ford 500 car owners; we all bought our vehicles in 2005, and all began to experience the problem in 2009. What a cooincidence; right? -
Only cools at high speeds blows hot air when idling -
A/C compressor went out 33,600 miles and it was out of warranty because it was on the road for 3 yrs, 2 months. Cost for replacement was $1700. Ford Motor Co. agreed to pay $500 since it was only 2 months out of warranty. Since it was obviously a defect, I feel Ford should have recalled the car and corrected the problem at their expense. -
My ac blown out heat on passenger side when you have on cold air and blow out cold air when you have the air on but the right temperature on drive side -
No cold air... -
Air conditioner pulley froze up metal shaving polluted system so I have to pay another 900 to get fix right after I just got transmission fix car is not worth it ford should take these cars back -
air conditioner stoped working took it to bates ford in lebanon tn.they said that compresser went out.we payed 1300$to get it fixed worked for about 3 months went out again took it back they said it was a wire shorted out worked until we got it home that evening went out to eat and it stoped working again took it back today and left it to see if they can find out what the problem is.I have read all the complaints that other people have had about their ac and they are the very same as what we have had.I dont understand why Ford has not had a recall. -
Stopped blowing cold air. Had ac recharged. Worked better for a few weeks. -
Air conditionar blowing say over 1000.00 -
AC on passenger side stopped blowing like it should and just blew hot air what little it did blow. The driver side would blow, just stopped blowing cold air. Took it to the Ford dealership and was told ever thing was ok and was charged a fee of 190.00 to recharge the ac. The same day I saw no difference and then was told it was the compressor. Now this will cost approximately 1000.00. -
Av compressor failed...replaced -
The AC on my 2005 Ford Five Hundred stopped working 2 summers after I got it. I see now that it's one of the many defects that came with this car. What will it take for Ford to actually take accountability and fix their mistakes? Wow. Just do a recall and fix it. -
compressor leaking oil -
Bad AC. Leaking and needs compressor. Will be $1200 at dealership!! -
My Email to FORD: Dear Sir/Madam, I have a 2006 Ford Five Hundred and has about 93K miles on it.VIN # 1FAHP23136G152780 . I take good care of the car and have never missed any service. I always had a knocking sound on turning on and turning off the AC. (I had checked a dealer once in New York and I was told "We all make some noise" Anyways, a week ago suddenly the AC has stopped working on idling and only works when the car is moving. I was shocked when I googled the problem to see how many people have been having this problem. Isn't there a RECALL for 2006 Ford Five Hundred AC ? Following are the links to the web pages showing the problems people are having: I have very sparingly used the AC in my car and am certainly disappointed with the poor quality of installed parts. I am requesting a FREE REPAIR of the issue. IF not then I will try and contact some other people and convince them for a collective action. FORD's Reply: My name is Maria, I am from Ford`s Customer Relationship Center (CRC). I have reviewed your email regarding the concerns on your 2006 Ford Five Hundred. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. I have checked to see if there are any warranties or recall programs that would provide coverage for your current concern. Unfortunately, there is no coverage at this time. I suggest that you keep your repair receipts in case Ford initiates a recall or program in the future that will provide coverage. For future use, please visit to see if your vehicle is involved in any recall or customer satisfaction programs. Thank you for contacting Ford Motor Company. Sincerely, -
I had the same problem with the AC not working at idle. Turns out it was the compressor control Valve and not the compressor itself. After replacement and recharge the AC worked perfect. The valve will get stuck open, which will affect the performance of the AC. Many shops don't know about the problem and I believe Ford dealerships will only replace the compressor. -
I noticed the car was making popping noice when you cut the air on and off. This started about a year after I purchesed the car. Took it back to the dealership just to be told it was normal. Then at 48,000 mile it stopped blowing cold air thinking it just needed charging I took it in to be told my compressor was bad. I had it replaced and the noise is still there and I think there is problem somewhere that is causing the compressor to go bad -
This is 2nd time I had compressor changed ,1st I had extended warrant n dealer took care of problem n this year it happen again .dealer wanted over $1000 but I did it myself .it is working ok now but know telling when it will break again. Also CD player shows cd error no cd n I am trying to figure how to repair or replace unit, no more fords for me. -
Failed ac compressor. Replaced by Ford dealership. -
had to have air conditioner compressor replaced at the price of $1300.00 -
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