air conditioner compressor on Ford Five Hundred

Average mileage: 90,926 (9,758–179,000)
3 model years affected: 2005, 2006, 2007
59 people reported this problem
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problem details
2005 Ford Five Hundred 55,000 mi,
Bought car brand new. In 2009, the air conditioner stopped working. Had compressor replaced two years ago, in 2012. Worked well the first summer (2013), but not as cold as it should have been. This summer(2014); not so great. Cools a little sometimes, but very inconsistent. Cold air would come and go. This summer, cold air is almost nonexistent. Frequently during this time, I ovserved other Ford 500 car owners driving in the sweltering heat with windows down meaning they had the same problem. Know two other Ford 500 car owners; we all bought our vehicles in 2005, and all began to experience the problem in 2009. What a cooincidence; right?
2006 Ford Five Hundred 76,000 mi,
Only cools at high speeds blows hot air when idling
2007 Ford Five Hundred 33,600 mi,
A/C compressor went out 33,600 miles and it was out of warranty because it was on the road for 3 yrs, 2 months. Cost for replacement was $1700. Ford Motor Co. agreed to pay $500 since it was only 2 months out of warranty. Since it was obviously a defect, I feel Ford should have recalled the car and corrected the problem at their expense.
My ac blown out heat on passenger side when you have on cold air and blow out cold air when you have the air on but the right temperature on drive side
2007 Ford Five Hundred 53,787 mi,
my air-conditioning blows cold while driving 30 miles an hour or faster but then turns to warm while driving it that's great. While idling, The air-conditioner blows hot air. Ifix David my car in the shop five times, it's not stop leak fixable, and I've just gotten a quote for $1100 for a new compressor. Does anyone know if I should waste the money?
The AC on my 2005 Ford Five Hundred stopped working 2 summers after I got it. I see now that it's one of the many defects that came with this car. What will it take for Ford to actually take accountability and fix their mistakes? Wow. Just do a recall and fix it.
2006 Ford Five Hundred 160,000 mi,
Stopped blowing cold air. Had ac recharged. Worked better for a few weeks.
2005 Ford Five Hundred 75,000 mi,
No cold air...
2006 Ford Five Hundred 101,000 mi,
I've been dealing with this for a few years. Hot air blows out the passanger side, cool air, not cold, blows out of the drivers side but only when I am up to speed. Stop and go traffic or stoplights means I get hotter air coming in than the outside temp. Additionally, I live in a cold climate. In the winter time I have the exact opposite happen. Heat works fine as long as I am driving but warming up the car is useless since it won't start blowing hot air until I'm going full speed. Sit in traffic or at a stoplight in the winter means I get the outside air temp blowing in. Not very safe to sit at a stoplight or in stop and go traffic to have the fog and ice build up on your windshield since it blows ice cold air into the car. This is obviously a design flaw. At this point I don't even care if ford pays for it, I just wish they would design a part to fix it. I've spent plenty trying to fix this and it looks like most of the people who have had the compressor replaced have ended up with the same problem returning. They must know the problem and solution by now, just let us know a part that will fix the problem and I bet most everyone that is dealing with this would gladly pay another $______ to just get it working for good. Frustrating.
2005 Ford Five Hundred 9,758 mi,
Air conditioner pulley froze up metal shaving polluted system so I have to pay another 900 to get fix right after I just got transmission fix car is not worth it ford should take these cars back
2006 Ford Five Hundred 65,000 mi,
Air conditioner only blows cold air at consistent higher speeds (above 45mph). Idling or driving below 45 through town, cold air does not work.
When I am in park or just not moving my AC blows out hot air but when I am driving 55/60mph it blows out fairly cold air. I was told to put Freon in it but that did not work so I don't know what to do. It is summer now and very hot to drive without a good working AC
2007 Ford Five Hundred 150,000 mi,
air conditioner stoped working took it to bates ford in lebanon tn.they said that compresser went out.we payed 1300$to get it fixed worked for about 3 months went out again took it back they said it was a wire shorted out worked until we got it home that evening went out to eat and it stoped working again took it back today and left it to see if they can find out what the problem is.I have read all the complaints that other people have had about their ac and they are the very same as what we have had.I dont understand why Ford has not had a recall.
2007 Ford Five Hundred 90,000 mi,
Air conditionar blowing say over 1000.00
2005 Ford Five Hundred 137,000 mi,
My 2005 five hundred has over 137,000 miles and it stared leaking green fluid. I took it in to get it checked and they said that the compressor was going out. It has been a good car until now, with no major repairs. I took good care of it and it still looks like new. I'm not sure what to do with my old car now. I ordered a new Honda today.
AC stopped working. Had to change the compressor and fixed the problem.
ac cold when driving. not cold when idling.
2006 Ford Five Hundred 130,000 mi,
AC ran fine since I purchased car in 2009. This summer, however, I noticed the AC was running hot. Two weeks ago, smoke started coming from under the hood. Two days later, lost power steering and "check electrical system" warning light came on. Mechanic reported compressor failure and belt damage, affecting other parts of engine. Asking for 1050.00 to replace compressor.
I have spent hundreds to have my A.C. fixed but to no avail. I've read complaint after complaint from dozens of Ford owners and I dont understand why Ford hasn't done a recall. I will NEVER buy another Ford.
2007 Ford Five Hundred 85,000 mi,
2007 Ford 500 with no cool air. Took it Doug Henry Ford and agree to have a test to see what the problem might be. Was told that all the components where fine and could be recharged for 188 dollars. So I agree to have this done. Did not even pull out the parking lot because it was not cooling. Went back inside to complain and was then told it was the compressor. The business would not refund the money for their mistake. Prior to this service, When the problem first started, one side would blow less cool air. Then both sides completely stopped blowing cool air altogether. Ford really does need to address this problem. It has made me reconsider buying another ford. Autos cost to much to have to deal with problems like this. I mean, wake up Ford Co. see how many F500 buyers are having the same problem. It's your reputation on the line.