Toyota Sequoia Problem Report

Toyota Sequoia Airbag Light Due to Defective Sensor in Airbag System

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A defective sensor in the airbag (SRS) system can cause the airbag malfunction light to illuminate.

Air bag light out and won`t go away.Affecting the horn and Cruise control as well. And now my Tail gate window will not work. And toyota is telling us how reliable their vehicles are... I guess that I was just too stupid to believe them. -
Airbag sensor light is on, horn and cruise control are not working either. -
Airbag light is on not fixed yet looking online what happen is not normal toyota sequoia has this problem with 120000 millas -
no horn no crusie control steering wheel make nosie wile turning -
My airbag light won't go off either; it's effecting the horn and the cruise control, too. I've tried to get it fixed twice at separate dealerships, but the first one couldn't figure it out and the second one tried to make me sign off to pay for it "in case it wasn't covered" by my platinum extended warranty I bought from Toyota. I guess Toyota's "commitment to safety" was just a bunch of empty rhetoric. -
Airbag light is on; at the same time, automatic door locks stopped working (and it isn't a battery problem in the key fob). -
Air bag Indicator light just came on and stays on . -
The airbag light has come on and it stays on. It was intermittent for 2 days, now it is constant. -
airbag light came on this morning. both Toyota corporate and local dealership agree something is malfunctioning but want me to drive vehicle for inspections assuming all risk. -
Air Bag Red Light ON!!! No Horn No Cruise Control. I took it to Toyota Folsom, CA and they said nothing about any defective or possible recall? They gave me some computer code that they said it was and it was going to be over 2500 to repair it!! -
Same problem here. Anybody found a fix yet -
same problem!!!! -
pop noise occurred in steering column and then the airbag light came on and the horn stopped working. Not much on the internet about how to fix. -
Airbag light comes on, cruise control will not engage. -
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