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I have tried to turn the car off and on . Is the problem electrical.
car is misfiring at 3000 rpms & it wont shift unless gas is released & the engine knocks when is idling. I already changed plugs & cables.
Sometimes while driving the speedometer will show 40 mph when driving 30mph?
where do I put the transmission fluid? In my Acura vigor 1993. It's low.
where is the cold start valve or injector on a 1993 acura vigor
I have a '93 Acura Legend 4dr that just ticked over 200,000 miles. Today the A/C blower quit in 90+ degree heat. It looks like the blower fuze is a 40 amp located under the hood. The 40 & 50 amp fuses are inside li...
Car will move forward but not backward.
Oil Leak by my timing belt how much time would it cost to repair this?
I need to know why the head lights go off at night when driving down the road. How can I replace the light switch?
We have 2 wires that arent connected after we changed valve gasket
Recently I have noticed that the tachometer keeps going up and down while driving. suppose i am going more than 100km and it' at 3, all of sudden it would go down to 0 even though i am going at 100 km, some times whe...
Speedometer jumps when only going 25mph and car starts to hesitate