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In my most recent scheduled maintenance - I was told my front compliance bushings are starting to tear.
I have a question for the honda repair man who responded to the question. If the expansion valve is not fixed how long can I expect that it will be fine? Is this a symptom of a bigger problem? The cost to repair...
The tow truck driver checked the battery and he said the battery is good. No sound at all when I turn the key. It's like it just shut down. Help.. Have any idea?
out of the connector that goes to the a/c compressor.3 wires,all red,1-long&2-short.Need to know how they go back in clip. A/C does not work now. Any help?
I want to change my tranny oil in my TSX 87000 miles. Do I just drain and refill the ytranny with new fluid?
Hi, I got my clutch replaced last week. Car stalled on the highway on the way home from the mechanic. Dealer now tells me that they need to replace the computer circuit board ($1000) just to diagnose what the problem ...
2006 6 speed MT w/ Navi I was driving on the freeway and a "Check Emissions System" and "Check VSA system" flashed alternating from one to the other. I turned the car off then the VSA system warning light went out and...
60000 mile transmission fluid vhange
how to fix error messages on acura 2006 tsx transmission check?
When changing the rear brakes on my Acura is there a release for the cylinder? The cylinder does not seem to go back far enough for me to get the pads in there. Thanks in advance!!