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Fuse #4 under the hood. It's burn but every time I replace it, it burns again. can somebody help me?
Was told at dealership during last service the tensioner is going out.
My car has 125K on it and brought it to the dealer for a oil change and a full checkup, only issue is the car has a loud idle when sitting or in drive. This was never mentioned to me after the car was checked out but...
2005 Acura tsx is that Too much? I was also quoted about the same to fix the front suspension
I have encountered a major squeak when driving. I have taken the car to get new break and rotors and now the squeaking is worse when driving below 30 mph. Any ideas?
what those the tringle warning sign mean
I noticed about a week ago my car has been trouble starting. It make a noise like it chugs or struggles to turn over and this morning it wouldn't even turn over it just makes like a ticking noise now so I got it towed...
I'm being told that my struts needs to be replaced; however, when getting quotes I was told the whole strut needs replaced and another shop said just the cartridge, how do I know which is correct. The price differenc...
I had a GPS device installed that blow my fuses. I was wondering if someone could suggest several type or even one GPS that I could install in my 2005 TSX 4 door?
My airbag light goes on and off intermittently. The dealership can't figure it out because the light seems to go out when I bring it to them and then will go on later or on another day.
my check engine and vsa light appears more often now. it goes away after i turn the car off and back on, but quickly resets. what could be causing this?
My '05 TSX makes a short "whirring" noise occasionally. It will go for days, even weeks without doing it. Then it starts up again and sounds only when stopped, turning or going slowly. After a few days, the noise s...