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Our Acura TSX has over 100,000 miles on it. Three days ago it would not start that morning. We had it towed via AAA to a local repair shop. He thinks it may be the Drive belt. He wants to order the "kit". It would cos...
i need something not too loud just a lil noise .something that wont burn too much gas...
i think abs is not working on my car how can i find out about it
Compression good- oil pump working no codes on the diagnostic
Well I did and no one seemed to know the problem then went to this place and they said same as the dealer it was the timing chain at 95,000 miles so 2000.00 later Drives great now and better gas mileage.
drove to store one came back home car ran fine and the next mourning wouldn't start up
when I'm driving the car about 40 mph there is a vibration at 1700 rpms. after I pass the 1700 rpms it will stop until I slow down again and the car reaches 1700 rpms
Im experiencing a huge lack of power with my car I've change the spark plugs and tested the compression and fuel pressure and every thing is perfect. I've even done an ignition stress test and the coils are beyond per...
I spilled water on my gear shifter earlier today and now the transmission has a mind of its own. When in park, the D light flashes. When in D, the car automatically switches itself between D and Manual and automatic...
How Many Labor Hours Does It Take To Change The Starter On The Tsx 2004
also hear a clicking noise by the handbrake and shifter.