XM says it is antenna. Acura says not likely.

When you first start the car the heat is fine at 69-70 degrees. After about 20-25 min. of run time the air is cool. Have to turn up the heat 5 or 6 degrees to get any heat. Does anybody know why?

My car is in for oil change at 41,000 miles. Dealer says valve adjustment is routine maintenance

I need to replace rear passenger side bumper reflector.

Right rear reflector on a 2010 acura tl

When I start the car and begin to accelerate, the engine (maybe) has a loud rattle noise like it is "trying" to work. Once it gets to third gear, the noise goes away. This only happens on a cold start, not when I am stopped at a traffic light or such. I have had it to two different Acura dealerships and have had $3K repairs done but the noise is still there. If I take it to other shops, nothing comes up on the diagnostic test. It sounds horrible and is embarrassing. This started at around 69K miles. PLEASE HELP! I do not want to be screwed out of more $$$ by Acura!

what tires our upgrade for aacura tl