2006 Acura TL Questions

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I click the button on the steering wheel to talk and say phone setup, but it just bring me to the regular setup menu

What those this mean and what parts is needed

Like traffic sigs alerts and finds although routes

Could deleting the muffler cause any computer problems because of the O2 sensor ? If so what kind of problems

when I turn the key I get one click, then totally dead, no interior lights at all, no other sounds. put in a new battery, still nothing... I've seen a lot of posts about the hands free link (hfl) draining the battery, but no one mentions if they have the same 'symptoms' so not sure if that's it...

Driving home from dealer, the car just stopped. wont move in or out of gear. Loud clunking sound from underneath.Tow truck driver said the piece i found on the ground looks like part of the right front axle/ bushing. Could the mechanic have forgotten something that caused this ?


Why won't my 06 Acura TL start? My low oil pressure indicator and batterie light both stay on. It was running fine last night. I just bought this car pls help?? It won't attempt to start just can here the starter click once?

Or should the dealership that I purchased it for that says they cover bumper to bumper on the vehicle responsible?

Trying to link my cellphone to my car but the handsfree link is stuck on booting mode

Mine snapped in 2 while making a left turn from a dead stop into my driveway. I was going very slowly and the car was not under any extreme torque. The car just stopped moving and made an awful racket when I accelerated. My car has 120,000 miles on it. Only major repairs has been starter and this 1/2 shaft.

after doing the flush at the dealer week later the transmission stops driving after 60km/h and revs up like crazy. mechanic is trying to say the transmission is gone and if it was gone to me it wouldn't drive at all. so once I try and past 60km/h it just revs up like crazy and goes no wheres past that speed. Im wondering if its just a sensor or a bad ground could anyone help me please.. ive also owned acura and now Im realising their all nothing but headaches recently. unfortunately. it gave me a code quick when it did this to me. the mechanic tried driving it the next day and nothing came up for a code but it did it to him as well. im wondering what could be the problem and if hes full of shit. thanks.