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I had an engine transmission mount replaced on 1/2013. I believe all thoe mounts need replacing.
I'm referring to fixing the common problems by strengthening the parts that most commonly go out.what are those parts?I do transmission work and would like to strengthen mine before I have to do a complete rebuild.
Passenger strut has broken 4x in 2 yrs. Pops/pushes out of housing. Replaced 1 wk ago, barely drove car, & returned to auto shop b/c started making similar banging noise over bump. New strut looks like the nut holding...
It occurs when driving at a slow speed. Diagnostic code P0740.
The car was just in for repair for this issue. New front brakes and a master cylinder were installed. The pedal still goes to the floor. The mechanic says it is normal. Is this normal? It does not seem right to me. ...
on floor heat setting temp. cooler on pasenger side ,but if raise temp higher drivers side to warm but passenger side comes up to comfortable. would like to repair myself but cant find info quit right on internet
Can I get less engine vibration caused by bad motor mounts by putting in aftermarket mounts or do I have to replace with OEM ones that cost 100 more a piece
took to repair shop (high quality shop)their diagnosis was motor mounts front and rear needed replacement.I'm retired auto collision shop owner so figured I could change them and save hundreds. took them out and found...
I put temp all the way up n it don't get hot on auto or ac
The transmission start to slip at the beginning, flashed D5 light just for while when the car was in D4 mode.By turning off and then back on got rid of D5 flashing. But interestingly after parking the car at roadside...
the same code keeps showing up yet the new part for it wont turn it off
No noise under or over that range. Car has 128,000 mi. Other then that, runs fine
We have looked everywhere but cant find it plz help