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Check engin light is on. I have the error code p1705 eny ditails on where this problem may be?
does anyone know where i can get disc for gps system with mexico map on it ?
If the restior fails will the compressor turn off
my local shop has pulled codes p305 and p307. I've previously had coils replaced on this car (not sure which ones) Can anyone suggest other possible causes: Head gasket EGR Port Dirty Spark Plugs Coil Packs ...
the problem occurs when driving the vehicle,sometimes it shivers or jerks.That is the only problem ,do you think it can break b/c of that transmission problem.
Fan quit blowing/working. Checked the fuses & relays, all are ok. Now what ? I could use a wiring schematic to locate, unplug and test blower motor in the car. What color wires and/or where is the plug/conector located ?
Checked fuses & relays. Ok. Now what ?
My car was taken to a local shop to get an oil change and to get the fuel line clean. When I got my car back, the hood was slightly ajarred on the passenger side. The dealer claimed the hood was that way when it was...
replaced the fuel pump and the car will not start what should i do notify me @ cblack32twanda@yahoo.com
rpms surge about 50-100 when at constant speed of 65. this last only for a few seconds then goes away and comes back. no lights on dash at all
i simply need to know where #1 cylinder is located.
Rear driver side window and sunroof became inoperable at the same time. Can they both be on the same fuse?
Having a problem with the transmission disengaging from time to time and on several occasions has actually jumped back into motion with jerk and thumping. Could this be the torque converter?
The car has new spark plugs, new battery, etc. The car is in the shop and they can't figure out what is wrong. Any suggestions.