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My check engine light and tcs are on when I start driving after2 minutes.
My car shut down in the middle of the road, started bucking and bogging like it was out of gas but has a full tank. Can someone pleaae elaborate on what could of caused this? It will no longer start now and it is a 5 ...
My 2000 TL will not start after I drive it for awhile (it is not overheating by the gauge). I have to wait about 10-15 minutes and it will then start somewhat rough and then it is fine. I have inquired about this with...
heater from blowing hot air? WINGMAN LUBE M.F. TX> left my hood open during an oil change it blew OPEN DOING 70mph, lots of expense cant afford repair bill right now. Please help Im FREEEEEEZING
It used to be getting 25-26 miles per gallon. And I used premium gas (91 octane). What's wrong?
it has a battery that is only 10 months old and a new alternator...any ideas what could be causing this new problem of not starting? When I put the key in and turn it, I get nothing.
Drivers side floor board wet. Especially when it rains.
Checked for sunroof leak as well as windshield and window. Floor board still wet.
I had to replace the powering steering hose. Since the replacement, I am hearing a loud sound from the powering steering when driving. The mechanic said air has gotten into the pump causing the noise. The age and t...
Only things is slight stall when I come to a complete stop and gas mileage is horrible codes being thrown are bad o/2 ssensor bank 1 sensor 1 and transmission range sensor but car shifts fine..