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The car starts u drive n it overheats then it won't starts after that n I have to wait a few minutes it will go on.
Just changed fuel pump and relay and gear shift locked. Horn blows and tail lights on.
this issue just started today. when i go to turn the ignition nothing happens except the lights come on. i just replaced the battery and had the breaks done. the mechanics said it is in excellent condition however all...
Changed fuel pump and still not starting where's the rest button on the car or can someone give me so advice to get it started
Brought a new fuel pump and got ut inns my car still won't start so where I do go from here?
There is a oil leakage from engine but very very small in quantity not dripping on bottom just engine body gets oily. I bought this car for $.5000.00 in 2006 my car mechanic's opinion is don't spent on repair better ...
This item not available with any auto dealer and i found it installed in many old model cars. Will you please let me know can it be installed in my car ? and from where it is availble?
Is there any legal problem? because a Autozon Rep told me that in old model car it is not legal. Nilesh Mehta.
where is the front seal located and how much would it cost to fix on a 98 acura 3.2tl. if the level of oil is corrected could it stop leaking on its all
I put too much oil in and now that seal is leaking. if I put the right amount of oil in could it stop leaking on its own. Or could I use some stop oil leak in the oil
if i leave batt hooked up going to burn up starter
what is the procedure for rear cam shaft seal replacement?