1996 Acura TL Questions

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Smog the code was453

You need to get the word out there

No power to fuel pump cranks then sounds like it runs out of gas changed main relay and fuel pump. Car also stuck in park any ideas please help!!!!

when I start my car,two minutes into driving it, it over heats and blows grey/white smoke out of the tail pipe. and I just got a new battery it wont stay charged.

Need to know where release valves are located and what to do I need to know where the fill valve is on my car

Need to know where release valves are located and what to do

crack up and run when you cut it off try to restart it wont crank just turn over like its out of gas

Are when u turn the signal light on the radio cut off to I need to what make that happen ?

Just tring to replace it but cant find it

The front had been replaced before but the back wasn't. Mechanic told me last week the front one was fine we just need the rear one. Can't pass emissions without the sensor.

Just replaced my stock radio for an aftermarket radio and now none of my 4 stock tweeters are working. How can I wire them to my new radio to get them to work again?