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I have a standard integra and one of the oroblems it came with was the bushings of the gears. Its really hard to shift gears. So now who was about to fix the bushings tells me its the transmission.. The car still r...
My car has been dieing on me off and on for the past week, I can get it to start again after I let it sit for a lil bit and sometimes after I disconnect and reconnect the battery. It will idle for about 10-15 minutes ...
am trying to adjust the valves but dont know what they are adjusted to
The car is a 5 speed manual, 4 cylinder, 1.8L. Thanks
door will not unlock or open and key is stuck will not turn nor will it come out
engine wont start no gas flow
Is it necessary to replace all 4 set of brake pads at the same time for a 1999 Acura Integra? I have replaced the rear brakes, but I was told by the parts dealer that it was necessary to replace them all at once.
i broke my muffler and it's making a very loud sound how much would it cost to fix ASAP
A/C is working most of the time, but when I go out on Sat.'s about 1-2p, in the hottest part of the day, the A/C will quit being cold about 10 min. out & it doesn't come back on. I recently had the A/C fan (& motor) ...
why does my raditor cap keeb breaking apart between the plunger and cap
My car suddenly won't start after putting in a new right front turn signal. I tried unplugging everything for the turn signal, and it still won't start. When you turn the ignition key it starts to turn over then just ...