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It occurs only when you start the engine. Once the car warms up, then the problem disappears. If left off for a few hours, the problem reappears.
i have 2 fans in the front of my integra engine. how much would both cost to buy new or used?
I have an 97 Integra with a B18b engine and its auto trans. Its having hard time reversing? What is causing the problem?
changed distributor plugs and wires
Do i need to remove the whole assembly like axle,spindle and the arm? some cars you can change the lug without removing everything..need some help this one.. thanks..
we changed the auto transmission fluid but we only got one quart with the old fluid.
I heard it will hurt my engine if the service engine light is on. Is this true?
i scan the car and give me the crankposition sensor the crankposiyion sensor is bad
Is there a shop that will accomodate the estimate that was given near where I live?
is there a bolt or screw on the rotor of the distributor cap, if so where and how do you remove it ....thanks soooooo much
Keep loosing antifreeze/ replaced cap thinking the seal was not tight. thought maybe radiator leak, used sealer you put in radiator to plug any holes, cked water pump/ still overheating/ car runs but am constantly add...
I have a 97 integra, (automatic, 4 cyl, 1.8L, dohc, non vtech, w/ cruise and a/c) I was wondering two things: 1) how much labor time should I plan to pay to have the transmission r&r done? 2) (probably a little lat...
i like to kwno how to remove the spring from the shocks
The belt broke for my power steering, can I just replace the belt?