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also my tach and speedo don't work . when driving with scanner hooked up speed don't register on scsaner and the tach does map sensor stay at 52.00 driving or not and weather car is running or not . please help my car...
my car is a manual 5speed with 215k miles. Recently my car has a difficult time accelerating. From 1st gear the RPM will go up but car doesn't want to speed up. I literally have to keep downshifting and gasing in o...
Ok I've been told that I would have take off all the suspension and short shaft to get it out I was looking at it and it looks like if I take off sway bar and disconnect the exhaust I could pull it right out can I
My 1996 Acura integra driver door will not open. It cannot be unlocked with my key, from inside the car or by removing the interior handle/lock cover and trying to manipulate it. It's a manual lock in the handle. The ...
I have changed the distributor, new coil.I've changed the ECU and main relay fuses still the same thing I have put the distributor ,new coil ,ecu ,on a friend Integra and it starts right up I have change the wiring ha...
car run fine the day before. next morning would not start.
new starter n fuel pump new head n new plugs n wire n battery crank sensor timing is right
could this be why the speedo is not working ? ,and if so, how can i get to work?
i am looking for the speedometer cable where is it and how do i remove it
Sometimes it does it sometimes not but more then most previous owner hit something and knocked the alignment off but I had it fixed
I pulled 3 of the 4 plug wires & my boyfriend tried 2 start my car not knowing I had pulled the wires. Now my car wont turn over & there is no spark at all. Please some1 tell me what is wrong w/ my car?