Air Conditioning Not Cold on Mercedes-Benz ML320

AC system leaks and/or a faulty evaporator temperature sensor can cause poor AC cooling. The failed sensor can prevent the AC compressor from coming on. Leaks cause a low refrigerant level, which reduces the ability to cool.

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Average mileage: 125,142 (29,956–201,000)
6 model years affected: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, more2002, 2003
30 people reported this problem
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My AC stop working. It is blowing air but it is not cooling. I replaced blown fuse still is not working.
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My ML320 was cooling fine on my way home when I would stop it would stop cooling hope it is just my coolant or a sensor gone bad
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I think I need a rechare.
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we had our mechanic refill freeion 3x for the last 6 months. it doesnt work again.
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During the past couple of summers I have had to keep refrigerant in the trunk of the car because I can not tell when or where the leak is coming from but I have had to refill the ac at least twice a year because the coolant has leaked out.
poor cooling, did not know why, took to Goltz motors, a specialist. replaced compressor...
ac clutch will not engage just have hot air no ac
Battery went dead, recharged now the AC only blows hot air, the dome lights do not work, the unlock the doors from the inside does not work All fuses are good. No fix as of yet, really need the AC !
leaks free on
A/c needs to be recharged with stop leak refrigerant and new freon every year.
Haven't got it fixed. Was quoted replace evaporator -- over 20 hours labor plus part! Around $2000
Sometimes when you first get in and start up the car it can take up to a mile of driving to get the airconditioner to the point of blowing cold instead of cool air,
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It blows heat when ac is on or off,take note even the ac is off ac prion is full.
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