AC fan speed stopped working on Honda Fit

Average mileage: 55,789 (15,000–140,000)
5 model years affected: 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, more2012
46 people reported this problem
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2011 Honda Fit46,241
Have not had this fixed yet. I have a 2011 Fit. Apparently there was a service bulletin issued for 2009 model Fit. Seems like the same issue for 2011, the blower resistor goes bad so that the blower only works on high. Has anyone else had the same problem with a 2011?
2011 Honda Fit57,500
I had the same issue. The Honda dealer verified that a service bulletin was issued and the recommended repair is to replace the blower fan and the resistor. I'm not a DIY'er so I had them do it to the tune of $466.99 (Parts, labor and tax). If you're one of those guys who can DIY, here's the part numbers: Motor Assy, Fan 79310TF0G01 $286.75 Resistor Assy 79335TF0G01 $ 36.16 Labor $115.00 You would think that Honda would have a recall on this problem. URGH!!!
2010 Honda Fit80,378
I have a 2010 Honda FIT. The fan for the A/C and Heater just stopped working on all speeds except High. The fan had not been making any noises or having any other problems.
Had same issue. I was able to fix the entire thing for no cost. The resistor pack screen can be taken off. What happens is there is a brass leaf spring that unsolders when it over heats. You can solder that back and put the screen back on. The resistors on mine did not open up. What caused it was the motor was hard to turn and so on low it would not turn at all and the resistor pack overheated and went out. You can take the motor out of the plastic housing by removing one screw. Remove the blower from the motor as well. You will then need something to squeeze the fingers that are spread which holds one end of the motor end plate with bushing on. I took the end off opposite from where the brushes are located. I pulled the brushes out as well. You will need to remove the C-Clips from both ends of the armature and keep washers in correct order. Pull the one end off and then pull the armature out. Clean out the bushings and clean the armature shaft with fine emery cloth. Mine had a lot of black sludge from dust from the brushes which I believe was what jammed up the bushings. I blew all of that out. I put it back together with light oil on each shaft and bushing and it worked great. The price of a new motor was $269.00 from Honda. If this lasts a year it will be worth it. It is easy to access. The hardest part was squeezing those metal fingers that are spread to hold it together. I used the jaws of a vise to squeeze them together and then a punch to spread them back when reassembling the motor. The whole process was not much more than a hour.
2009 Honda Fit89,000
The HVAC blower motor works only on high speed.
Mine is 2009 model. A couple yrs ago the fan quit, (except on high) dealership fixed it ( was still under warranty) now it has quit again (32,000 mileage, much less than that the first time). Have an appointment this week to get fixed AGAIN. This shouldn't keep happening, has to be a defect. There should be a recall on this !! I'm sure I will have to pay this time, I guess my warranty has run out by now. Hope it doesn't cost me a fortune !!!
2010 Honda Fit35,000
ac/heater fan only works on high - haven't fixed yet
2011 Honda Fit35,500
Air Conditioning only works on high! Took it to dealership and found out the warrenty had expired and it would cost almost $500 to replace motor and resistor pack! What's up with that? I've had other models of cars (nissans for years) and have never had this kind of problem. Can't afford the cost at this time. Not a happy camper:(
2010 Honda Fit64,000
Heater Blower only works on high. Resistors shot, according to my mechanic need to replace the motor also to the tune of a few hundred dollars to stop this from happening again. This should be a recall!
2010 Honda Fit24,500
Fan only working on high speed. Was charged $120. For diagnosis - was told blower motor and resistor needed to be changed - I would be charged for diagnosis and another $120 for labor ( plus taxes ) but not for parts. Wondered why but didn't ask. Now I know. This was today so waiting for parts to arrive. I think Honda should cover it all ! I've entered my son's zip code as I am actually in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and it won't accept Canadian postal codes.
2011 Honda Fit60,000
AC blower works on 4 only. Replaced resistor twice. Keeps blowing. At a different mechanic now for resistor #3, see if he comes up with anything else that might cause the problem.
2009 Honda Fit42,000
As the others already stated, my fan motor also quit working except on high speed. I too bought mine for quality and am very aggravated to learn of so many identical problems. Two months after repair, it temporarily quit again. Something is definitely wrong.
2007 Honda Fit140,000
I can here the AC running. When I go over a hump or rail road tracks quickly it comes back on for a few minutes and then it is out again. When I change the temp on the AC dial I can feel the cold or warm air coming through while driving if I have it set to where air is coming in through my vents from the out side. When I stop at a red light no more air.
2011 Honda Fit48,000
As I heard from many others...same just happened to blower only works on 4. I was given an approx cost to fix it around $480. I didn't think honda had problems. That's why I got one. Since there are so many complaints they should do it for free. Can't afford the repair and a recall is only for safety. Now they are manufactured in Mexico and I see more problems with the newer models. Just like VW went sown hill. I dont think I will be getting a honda again. Maybe the guys on "car talk" can help
2011 Honda Fit37,000
A/C blower only works on high. yet to be fixed
Heater/AC fan only works in high. Real pain. Wish Honda would recall so I can get it fixed. Hard on an 87 yr old to do myself
2012 Honda Fit36,800
Heater stopped working on low or medium. Only works on high.
2011 Honda Fit55,910
Fan switch for air conditioner and heat only works on level 4.
2010 Honda Fit100,000
Vent/AC fan switch only works in off and high positions. This seems to be a chronic problem for the Fit across several years. Not fixed as yet.
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