Cadillac Eldorado Problem Report

Cadillac Eldorado AC Compessor May Fail

(28 reports)

The AC compressor may develop an abnormal noise or refrigerant leak, requiring replacement.


air condition just quit working.caution light says low on refrigerate -
The High press line popped at the metal tube next to the radiator. The hose has a double box at other end. I would take a used, new or rebuilt one.I am open to suggestions. As you may know this is a hard hose to find in any condition. I am 75. Too old for no ac or to walk. Your immediate assistance would be much appreciated. Thanx, jim The car is a two dr, Baritz, 4.9 eng. Its a nice old car. -
I have a leak loose ny refrigerent -
replaced ac compessor and it is leaking after 3 years -
Rebuilt compressor installed -
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