Honda Accord Problem Report

Honda Accord ABS Modulator May Leak Air and Cause Low Brake Pedal

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The ABS modulator (hydraulic unit) can leak air into the brake system and cause a low brake pedal. A new ABS modulator will be needed if it is diagnosed to be the source of the leak.

Brakes failed at stop sign. Fender bender car in front of me. Ticketed for accident. Next day, dealer found air in ABS Modulator. Cost of repair: $1,400. Two days to repair due to part having to be flown in from California. Honda refuses to acknowledge low milage rule and said warranty expired. Thank you Honda.. :( -
i had the brakes redone and the brakes feel mushy like they still need to be bled but they dont. -
Peddle got soft 3 different times. Went almost to floor last time. super dangerous situation. After Honda giving me the run around they finally realized there was a big problem. Air in system. Replaced ABS system and that fixed it. -
abs light and brake light on , I just bought the car from auction , where should I start checking -
mushy brakes have replaced master cylinder and brakes still mushy -
ABS, VHS and Brake light turn on continuosly. ABS modulator replacement. -
Brake pedal would not depress and would not stop the car. Had it "fixed" for $454. A month later it did the same thing coming up to a stop sign. Could not stop the car, resulted in an accident (fortunately with no one hurt). -
Brake activation occurs when pedal is 1/2 way to the floor. Replaced rear pads and bled fluid at all 4 wheels FL, FR, LR, and then RR. No difference in brake pedal travel. I suspect air in ABS module. 2004 ABS module is non serviceable as far as I can tell. -
Low pedal after new rotors, pads and master cylinder replacement and many bleeds. Diagnostics said ABS modulator was cause. List price S1074.68. -
wanted to replace the module at a cost of $1200.00 plus $200.00 labor. Traded Honda on a Toyota Rav4... -
contamination in master cylinder and poor braking. -
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