Buick LeSabre Problem Report

Buick LeSabre ABS light due to pressure modulator valve assembly failure

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The anti-lock brake (ABS) pressure modulator valve assembly may fail internally causing the ABS light to illuminate.
ABS Light on. -
ABS activated at above milage. Very annoying when starting car -
ABS started malfunctioning, pulsing as soon as I touch the pedal (under 5mph) and would even pulse without touching the break pedal. Then ABS light appeared, which was due to a faulty wheel hub. Replaced the hub and the ABS light turned off, but the pulsing problem still exists. Only an issue under 5mph, but it pulses every time. For example, rolling up on a stop sign, as soon as its nearly stopped it will start pulsing -
ABS light is on all the time. -
I own a 1994 Buick LeSabre. I purchased the car brand new on 10/31/1994. It has always been maintained very well; however, my ABS - Anti Lock idiot light just came on. -
The light is on and I am not planning to fix it at this point. -
anti brake control unit needs replaced.600.00 + dollars to get a new unit -
when ihit breaks coming off highway theres avabration -
ABS light comes on a shortly after driving. occasionally make the pumping noise when I apply or release the breaks. -
abs light comes on sporaticaaly. took to shop brakes are fine. -
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The ABS master cylinder assembly may fail internally causing the ABS light to illuminate.
Is the blower control module also called the blower resistor?

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