ABS Light Due to Brake System Control Unit Failure on GMC Jimmy

The Anti-lock brake system (ABS) control unit may fail internally causing the ABS warning light to illuminate.

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Average mileage: 145,983 (15,000–358,653)
10 model years affected: 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, more1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001
51 people reported this problem
25 people shared problem details
The problem is, the light won't go off, except once in a while, for a very short period, then it's back on! I have replaced the brake pads, and the rotors are fine. I have bled the brakes, and still the light will not turn off. I'd like to know what the solution is.
ABS light kept coming on. Mechanic changed the sensor, but the light remained on afterwards. Another mechanic replaced the first one (which was malfunctioning). ABS was still on. Upon slow stops, I could hear a slight noise and felt the brakes crunching as I came to a complete stop. We finally disconnected the ABX system. The light is still on, but the noise and crunching sensation are gone. I learned to drive with regular brakes, so I know how to apply mine without the ABS so I'll just use my old brake-knowledge from now on.
1992 GMC Jimmy53,642
I have very low mileage and my jimmy. Two warning lights lit on my dash, the ABS light and brake light have been on for a long time
1999 GMC Jimmy180,000
ABS light goes on and breaks lock up and do not press in, I have to pump the break to get it unstuck. We have almost had a serious crash more then once. Had if fixed, one month latter it is doing it again.
2001 GMC Jimmy65,000
ABS light and brake light came on. Possible ABS control mod. Cost to replace is about a grand. Any other suggestions
the abs light stays on all the time that im driving
Had the ABS light come on so I googled it and checked under the hood. noticed fluid had leaked from control module. I got a replacement from a friend who's truck was about to be scrapped. Replacement was easy bleeding went without any problems. Tip you dont need a special tool to signal the module to perform it's bleed routine. Just find a stretch of road with slick gravel get a little speed and stand on the brakes. After a few times this will rid the module of air bubbles
ABS Light Due to Brake System Control Unit Failure
2000 GMC Jimmy140,000
ABS light won't turn off very often, and when it does the ABS system crunches when you try to brake. Also gain distance in stopping power. SCARY! When it rains or snows the light sometimes goes off. When the light is off that's when I get the crunching in my brakes and then the "Boing" sound at or near the end of my stop. Afterwards the light usually comes back on. When the light is on I don't have any problem. When I do have a problem it's always at very low speeds.
1998 GMC Jimmy168,000
Low pedal height. constant adjusting abs long stopping distance
1998 GMC Jimmy162,000
Having issues stopping at low speeds with fluttering at the end of my stops in which the pedal fights back, significantly increasing my stopping distance.
1997 GMC Jimmy160,000
I Hcw no brake on rear driver side after replacing brakeline. we have bled and bled the lines, all are fine. when we take off the bleeders on the abs, it sounds like it is airbound. we sent the vehicle to a mechanic. the mechanic checked it out and said the abs module is not working. so we need a new module. Nothing shows up on the computer.
2001 GMC Jimmy110,000
black tape over the light was my solution. I grew up with standard brakes so this does not effect my breaking.
2001 GMC Jimmy167,500
Jsut bought this used car. One week into it, ABS light came on. So my $3,000 purchase is now going to be $4,000. There's got to be a cheaper way......
1998 GMC Jimmy110,000
Replaced abs unit with used one off ebay
No brakes at all new brakes rotors calipers wheel bearings no leaks new mc brake pedal on floor
1994 GMC Jimmy358,653
I had the same thing on my truck,went all these routes, and nothing would fix it , So one day I had time,to dig deeper into the problem, removed the master cylinder, took it apart, AND OMG,SO MUCH RESIDUE BUILT UP INSIDE,IT 21ST A WONDERFUL I HAD ANY BRAKES!!!,It is very easy to break down, one plunger,and 2 valves and a couple springs, cleaned it like new,didn't need a rebuild kit or anything! , like I said,I had all day so,I I disconnected the rear ABS lines, removed the rear tires and pulled the 2 cylinder 'so (drivers and passenger ) went to auto junk and bought 2 new ones,around $40.00 , Then sedan my air compressor to blow the lines out, Put it all back together, & Like magic! !! Everything works perfectly, NO MORE LIGHT !!GENERAL MAINTENANCE WOULD HAVE PREVENTED THIS !!!!
I did not get fixed. I would like to know what to do.
2001 GMC Jimmy144,000
The light came on and stayed. The part cost $1000. End of story.
abs light brake light service engine check gauges grinding noise when applying the brake smoke from right back tire old gas smell
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