Chevrolet S10 Problem Report

Chevrolet S10 ABS Light Due to Brake System Control Unit Failure

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The Anti-lock brake system (ABS) control unit may fail internally causing the ABS warning light to illuminate.

Abs light and brake light stay on -
The ABS light comes on and the abs kick in even when I don't need it making it hard to stop quickly at low speeds. -
abs warning light on -
ABS and Brake light come on at intermittent times after I start driving my 2001, 2WD S10. Dealer charged me $50 to check and said a relay in the ABS system was bad. They wanted $1300 to fix it. This problem started around 2004. About six months ago I came across this problem on something I read, and found out it is a COMMON problem with this brake system. Still no recalls. Worst, if you pay the $1300 for the same relay, how long is it going to last? -
ABS system started to come on when easily braking. Then, it finally stopped and the ABS light came on. ABS system no longer works. -
The ABS system engages at low speed when normal brake pressure is applied. The brakes are then rendered useless. -
Turned out that the problem was a shorting ABS sensor in the right front wheel hub. Designed so that you cannot replace just the sensor. I had to replace the entire wheel hub. Problem is fixable, but you should redo the brakes at the same time. -
abs light on - can't find anyone who can read code - not yet repaired -
Abs brake control module went out at 138,467. -
abs makes nise and the pedle pulls back and braken tinen -
Lite on, brakes feel good. Problem still not fixed. -
had it checked out and guys told me that the control unit is broken and that I need a new one -
abs light on dash, rattle in rear brake area. I think its the E-brake shoe. yet to fix.. -
ABS and break come on at some time after I start driving and stay on until the truck has a chance to cool down. Cam on about a year ago and the brakes are noticeably less effective. -
abs and brake light comes on while driving one and may not the next -
Once I shut the engine off the ABS control pump keeps running and kills the battery. The only way to stop it from staying on all the time is to remove the fuse. You will need to do this before you try to jump start it because the pump keeps drawing power a soon as you connect the cables and it would be faster to charge the battery. At this point though you will not have ABS braking any longer, just ordinary braking but at least you can save your battery. -
ABS dummy light came on in the dash display. Repair center wants more than $2400 to fix it, Ugghh. -
The light lights up and the ABS does not work. -
ABS light astay on, can sensor be replaced -
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