Volkswagen Passat Problem Report

Volkswagen Passat ABS Light Due to Control Module Failure

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The anti-lock brake system (ABS) control module may fail causing the ABS light to illuminate. Failed modules should be replaced to restore ABS operation.

ABS module failed at 89,000 miles. Pulled ABS module apart and found one hair fine wire separated from the circuit board. Made the repair myself, not for the beginner but doable with some skill. Step by step technique is posted on internet. Total cost about 2.5 hours of my time. -
Same as most others. Beeping, flashing, and "Brake Fault" warning. -
When the ABS controller malfunctioned, it also caused many of the control panel controls to fail, including the tach, oil light, and others. A new controller fixed the problem. The dealer wanted $750, but did it for $500 -
ABS Light on -
ABS+Break lights stay ON. Failed SMOG check communication with the OBD. -
module failed: replaced with new :Expensive!!, then had to take to the dealer to have it activated. more $$ -
ABS and Brake light flash. Is this covered under recall. -
ABS light is now continuously on and brake light is flashing. Earlier, the two would just flash 3 times with a beep every once in a while, say when I went over a bump or turned sharply. -
had this for 30000 miles, goto guys on there that fix it for $100 -
my abs light comes on but goes away notice a noise in the front end when stopping which i think is electrical issues due to this problem -
Exceleration is delayed when stopped or turning at a slow pace. Looking for a solution. -
As soon as my 09 Vw Passat hit 100,000 miles i received a ESP error along with parking brake error -
Didn't get it fixed yet. -
Abs lights is on and I have problems with the brakes -
to answer all questions vw jetta golf, lose power, ABS, brake, and other warning lights, the problem is in the fusible links in the box atop the battery. 2 of them were blown out. just want to get this answer to somebody that needs it. dont want to register or sign in -
ABS light and break light flashing, three long beeps the stop break fault message displayed. -
Jetta TDI, ABS module needs to be wants $1700 -
Brake warning light comes on when turning steering wheel to right, indicates service manual. -
the abs light is on and off ... and it beep three times and the brake light turn on and blinking -
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