GMC Yukon Problem Report

GMC Yukon ABS Warning Light On and/or Erratic ABS Operation

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The anti-lock brake system (ABS) front wheel speed sensors are prone to failure. When a sensor fails, the ABS warning light may illuminate and/or the ABS system may activate erratically.

ABS system constantly active when brakes applied. Sensors were corroded from winter salt etc. I just pulled the fuse out and killed the system. They are a joke anyways and not required for inspections. A real bad design flaw that costs a fortune to get fixed. Not worth the money. Same yourself a lot of trouble and just pull the 15A fuse in the fuse box. I have driven for over 40 years without ABS just fine and don't miss them one bit. Just more Detroit planned obsolescence to get into your wallet. -
ABS light comes on -
brake at low speeds on dry ground, anti lock activates -
ABS system failed, Service brake system light keeps coming on. -
ABS engages at slow speed braking -
Anti- lock brakes activate at low speed, causing a no braking situation. -
abs sensor going on and off then remained on. -
Abs brake system light comes on at times. Brake shoes and fluid levels are good. Light goes off when car is turned off and usually does not come on when started back. It might come back on just driving down the road and not using brakes usually. -
Locks up at low speeds. -
One day my Traction light came on and prevented me form driving and code U0121 came which indicated loss of commonication with ABS system. -
Front speed sensor needs replaced -- actuating anti lock at slow sppeds -
I purchased my yukon used with 164,000 miles the previous owner informed me of the ABS light coming on occasionally. At 170,000 miles I put a rebuilt module and ABS light stayed off till one year later and 177,000 miles. -
Tire sensor light is constantly blinking. -
ABS module failure -
My ABS light is on just now. Have not had it checked or fixed yet. -
Break kicks back at low speeds 10 to 5 mph making stopping longer crash -
ABS system constantly active when brakes applied or car in motion. Brakes have been checked by mechanic and they are fine. The computer system has failed. A real bad design flaw that costs a fortune to get fixed. I have not gotten it fixed. -
Anti-lock break light and break lights come on after driving. Happens often when I hit a bump which suggests to me that there is an issue with one or more wheel sensors. The computer codes are not specific enough to identify the exact cause of the problem. The problem I have is that if I take it into the shop is that it could be misdiagnosed as module which is very expensive to replace. So far, I have not found a local shop that can go beyond the confusing computer codes. -
abs keeps kicking in at nearly every stop. -
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