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Jeep Commander Abnormal Noise From HVAC Blower

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An abnormal noise may develop from the HVAC blower motor as a result of debris ingestion. After any debris is removed, an air baffle screen can be installed on the inlet opening under the cowl grill to try and prevent a re-occurrence of the problem.

Replaced fan. -
Loud bang and subsequent vibrations sounds like something large sucked into hvac blower, strong rubber smell and now vibrates the entire passenger side dashboard...will be opening it up to take a look -
May 7, 2014, Driving Ms.Daisy, ran a stop sign and hit my truck on the passager side front bumper. before the accident I have never had any problems with noise coming from the dash board. It's a SQUEAKY NOISE and before that, the Insurance adjuster informed me that my FAN MODULE ASSEMBLIES IS GOING OUT AND THEY WILL NOT FIX IT BECAUSE IT WASN'T PART OF THE ACCIDENT. WHAT????? BEFORE THE ACCIDENT THE FAN/AC WAS WORKING FINE NOW IT'S NOT WORKING WELL AT ALL. MY FAN ASSEMBLIES GOING OUT ALONG WITH THIS SQUEAKY NOISE, SHE CAUSED THE PROBLEMS. -
I have noticed that some times I hear a rattling noise when I turn on the fan to the heater or A/C. It sounds like a card that we used to put on our bike wheel spokes to make noise. I guess that it is debris,it is kind of loud, I have had it in the shop but I don't know if thy really found an exact cause. It is intermittent and therefore harder to diagnose. It did it the first summer I had it, then not again til the winter after. Now it does it when I use the heater more than the a/c. I will check into the filter that you recommend. Thank you. -
said housing unit broke... repaired now it started again. -
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