A Cosmetic Crack May Develop on the Liftgate on Lincoln Aviator

A cosmetic crack may develop on the plastic liftgate trim panel. Lincoln has released a service procedure to replace the applique without damage the the liftgate glass.

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Average mileage: 87,505 (10,000–200,000)
3 model years affected: 2003, 2004, 2005
294 people reported this problem
174 people shared problem details
2004 Lincoln Aviator127,000
This has been a fantastic vehicle - have hardly put any maintenance money into it other than oil changes and the like. Will have to replace front wheel bearing now at 127K miles - that's it. Curious as to the liftgate crack as it also happened to me. Is Ford picking up the the cost to replace?
2003 Lincoln Aviator120,000
I have a crack in the lift gate. It has not been fixed. did linc have a recall?
2004 Lincoln Aviator125,000
Rear Liftgate cracked in 2 places coming from the lincoln emblem
2003 Lincoln Aviator109,790
V shape following along the Lincoln emblem
Rear liftgate cracked in the center 3 times
cracks in lift gate below window.
2003 Lincoln Aviator140,000
plastic on liftgate has a crack next to the lincoln emblem
I developed a crack to the right side of the emblem the spans from top to bottom of the liftgate plastic molding. It is garage kept and out of weather most of the time.
The hinge at the top of the rear glass was out of alignment and eventually broke. Because that happened before the 50,000 mile warranty was up the dealer fixed it. Now the car has 125,000 miles on it and the hinge is about to break again and I have the signature "crack" below the glass on each side of the emblem. This is an obvious manufacturing defect. Is Ford/Lincoln going to stand up to fix it? I doubt it. The car is now 11 years old.
The crack on the liftgate was there when I bought the vehicle. I have noticed that it is on almost every Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator models same as my 2003 Aviator
lift gat cracked on right side of emblem
Happened twice before and Lincoln dealer repaired it free of charge. Just noticed that it has happened again and I am sure that Lincoln will not replace it for free this time. Is there a recall on this?
Liftgate plastic cracked vertically in middle from bottom to top (just under lincoln emblem) - Happened at around 80,000 miles
A crack developed on my Lincoln Aviator 2005 lift gate and its still there. How do I get it fixed by Lincoln?
Liftgate crack to the right of the Lincoln emblem
2004 Lincoln Aviator120,000
There are three cracks going down from the emblem on the back of the liftgate. Also, the upper right hinge holding the window on has completely broken and now the liftgate is completely out of alignment and about to fall off. I ordered a part online and will now have to pay someone to replace it. There is so much stress on the left upper hinge now that I am afraid it is going to snap and I will have a shattered liftgate in the middle of some road! Is Lincoln paying for this fix??
I have a crack in the middle of the lift gate. Also the latch to the lift gate is loose which makes it hard to close the lift gate.
Cosmetic crack on tailgate
2004 Lincoln Aviator200,000
crack to the right of the Lincoln emblem on the rear lift gate plastic panel below the glass
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