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Q: when im in snow only the front right wheel spins and it go very good even in 2or on 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser

3inches. no matter what 4x4 selector is in
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The hub is faulty. The engaging spring maybe broken.It is simple to remove if you have the right tools.
If either hub was falty, neither wheel will spin! The AXLE going to the falty hub would just spin. If you could lock the wheel that is spinning, the other wheel will start spinning!! Surely you have been stuck in any vehicle and only one wheel will spin!? That is what spider gears do. Both front wheels do not have traction all of the time. If it did, you could not steer the vehicle. Some of the really old IHC Scout's had true "ALL" wheel drive, they were unstoppable! However it took a 40 acre field to turn around. They just wanted to go in a straight line. Even a true positive traction rear diff. on a 2wd vehicle is harder to steer or turn.
If you jack up one side of the drive axle on your car, start the motor and shift it into gear what happens? Same thing here. Think about it, or give it a try. If you jack both drive wheels off the ground and hold one wheel the other side will turn, go over and hold that wheel and the one you just let go of will start turning. One wheel sitting in slick stuff, snow or mud, while the other is not is the same thing as being jacked up off of the ground, it just spins while the other does not. On a 4x4, most people think all four wheels are supposed to pull, that is not the case!
So finally we have figured out this Toyota Land Cruiser has no problem with the front hubs!!
it says allwheeldrive but it has a shifter to put it in high or low and automatic hubs it drives good but when it snowed i tried to back out of driveway and it wouldnt pull its self out of driveway no matter what i put the shifter on and just the right front would spin not even the back would spin at all.
Have a MECHANIC check this out!! That just does not add up. In other words it wont move in two wheel drive?? Someone has stolen your rear drive shaft. Just let a mechanic show you what is going on! I guess some people have never understood just how a differential really works! ALL of this proves it, the front diff. on a four wheel drive works just like any other. WOW
Yeah, it needs something, but that ain't it! Maybe all the 4x4's i ever seen and owned have been messed up. Hell i have no idea! Just as happy as if i had good sense too. Maybe somebody can splain it to me? Wait, no i dont want an explanition, cause i am finished with this whole bunch of bs! Next answer as well!!!!!
Does it have manual or automatic free wheeling the 4wd selector a lever or button. If a button then check the fuse.
Jack the left front engage gear then rotate the wheel by hand. See ic the propshaft turns. If not the hub is not working. By the way I am assuming the rear has drive?!.
It says allwheeldrive on back tailgate .no in snow only tire spins is front right and none of others spin at all no matter what the lever is in except nuetral then it is in neutral
While it was sitting there with the right front spinning did you get out and look??? How do you know the rear wleels will not spin?? Have you tried to make it spin in 2 wheel drive?
my dad was driveing and i was watching and just right front would spin no matter what the shifter was in.
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