Q: What is causing the loud "pig squeal" that is coming from my car when I brake? on 2004 Infiniti FX35

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My car has been squealing LOUD when i brake for the last year. I have had the brakes replaced, rotors resurfaced, brakes pads shaved, calipers tightened and they STILL SQUEAL!...I asked the Infiniti Dealer to contact their engineering dept. to see if they have a fix for the problem, but they are saying that they probably wont do anything....The problem occurs in any weather, only when I'm going at low speeds and usually when I'm braking while in a turn(like easily turning into a parking stall)....People look around when my car squeals and give me the WTF look...It's awful. I hope someone has other alternatives for me to try. I love my car and will pay for any recommendation, I just need to get it fixed!
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While turning primarily? low speeds? Power steering belt glazed? More specific on conditions when noise occurs? Can you get the same noise if sitting still turning the steering wheel sharply ? Otherwise possibly bent backing plate.
Dry seal squeal, rare but it happens! Had it one time on a Nissan front axle outer cv joint, just a thought.
I sprayed the hell out of it with WD-40 that stopped the rat killing squeal, then replaced the seal.
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