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Volvo S40 (20 Reviews)
Bought 2009 Volvo s40 2.4i 5cyl in summer of 2009 Houston TX... Full time driver, 40 hrs, personal vehicle...

Next month will be 7 year mark. I have had 0 "brake downs" to this day. 240,000 miles

-Major issues with AC clutch,
-Major problems with catalytic converters, holes in flexpipe before cat
-lower ball joints, control arms front suspension have also had many replacements.

I did not put money into maintenance, in fact, timing belt once at 140k and fuel pump at 210k are the only 2 repairs that have been completed (excluding 3 issues mentioned above)


Amazing machine. Absolutely recommended. Volvo for life.
Okayyyyyy I got my 2006 Volvo S40 2.4i in 2009. This is my 1st car.... well that I brought. Since summer 2009 I have put 105,000 miles on this car. When I got it, it only had 30,000 on it. When it got to 100,000 miles the main parts with the car started to give out. I have paid for a passenger side control arm, two front axles, a passenger side wheel bearing, the transmissonis started to fail with gerking when getting up to speeds at 127,000 miles. I have gotten a transmisson flush, gas line flush, coolant flush, brake line flush, a tune up that really didnt help save gas at all & the many oil changes plus tires. It seems like my car is in the shop for something every 3 months for something or another. I love the look of the car & want to keep it but with a transmisson that is startting to fail maybe I should trade it in before its worth nothing.
I have a 2006 S40, bought it at a Lexus dealer second hand. Went through previous repair documents and car fax. Car was and is still in Excellent condition, and has only 55K miles. However, 2 months after the purchase, the engine light appears on/off intermittently. Now it will not pass smog. Replaced oxygen and pressure sensors, Volvo dealers have had the car for a week and still cannot diagnose the problem. They suspect it is the electrical harness which cost over $2000 part only. Don't know if this will do the fix, I want to stop the bleeding and don't know what to do about it. Any suggestions….?
We bought our 2002 S40 about 6 years ago from a dealership. The CarFax report looked good, it only had 72,000 miles on it and we had heard that Volvo's were good cars that lasted a long time. We heard wrong. About a year and half after we got it, we started hearing the most horrible sound from the front axle. The sway bar had worn out and when we looked we saw that the CV boots were destroyed. Then a year later things went crazy. It started revving while we were driving it and we would have to pull over and ram it into neutral as it was the only way to get it to keep from ramming into other cars and pedestrians, then it would die on us when we were driving and again we had to pull on the side until it would start again. Then one day it started overheating and we noticed an eruption of oil from the undercarriage where most car makers would use gaskets to seal their pans Volvo doesn't and oil was erupting out of everywhere. Got that taken care of, replaced the radiator as it had a gaping hole in it, though we are not sure how it got there but we bought a new one and thought we were good to go and suddenly the car wouldn't start. It would turn over but wouldn't start. Checked the OBD codes and fixed each area and got each code removed and it still wouldn't start. So, it turns over, their is fuel, their is spark, their is electricity, timing is dead on, replaced the timing belt and accessories, replaced ignition coils, spark plugs, tons of sensors, there are 0 codes and it still won't start. So I don't think I see a Volvo in my future again...
I have owned my Volvo S40 2.4i for a little over 5 years now and have well over 70,000 miles on it. I bought it because of the great handling, agility, and aesthetics it offers and of course, safety. The car has treated me well, and i have treated it well. If you take care of your car, it will love you back. I never exceed the engine past 3000rpm, and wash the inside, outside, engine bay EVERY WEEK. I Love my Volvo!

. --Problems i do have with it - just normal wear and tear
Control arm (rear)- replaced 800 dollars due to lost tension.
Trunk - connection in the wires connected to cabin loose so trunk could not open/said trunk lid open.
Replaced the wires by myself over a weekend -- now its like new.
The tires -- wear waayyy too prematurely
Not that cold of AC.
Not that great mileage.
Not TOO powerful torque wise... (but i have the 2.4i) it still has great power behind it when traveling from 35-80+ mph

Volvo 4 life - from Sweden
I purchased a 2011 S40 with 18000 miles. Volvo certified warranty for 7yrs or 100000 miles. I inspected every inch and found no problems. The engine and tranny are shinny new not steam cleaned. Performance and comfort are excellent. MPG is better than EPA estimate. I did pay more than various web appraisals about 1480 dollars it is worth it. No regrets. PS. The S40 was discontinued in 2012.
I recently walked out to my car to notice that the right brake light cover is smashed. Anyone have an estimate as to how much this will cost to replace?
I have 110,000 and have been extremely happy with the car. Extended the warranty and pretty much everything needing repair was normal wear. Plan to drive it to 200,000
I love my 2003 S-40 yes now i am starting to have problems the neighbors. scrathes on my car there is a screw in every tire so i need a set of tires, i put a ball joint on the front right wheel, i put a alternator on. now when i turn the key it will not say a word ,i hear it could be te starter, or a relay switch, but i have my 22year old son driving my car and a drunk boyfriend. i hear nice car a lot i want my baby fixed, or i cannot forget to mention my car get up, i need a wheel alignment also,do not let your family drive your car. i love my car so much i have the alarm system,i went and brought the club also.I LOVE MY BABY!
Glenn Beck, NY

The car (2002 s 40), has been good, but it leaks oil (could be Turbo seal) and the seats are coming apart in spots. the sunroof leaks and won't stay tightly closed. Body is starting to rust through in a few spots around the wheels and rocker panel.
I desperately need an air tube for a 2000 S40 turbo. I looked on line and the product I can come up with was the K & N generation 1 performance edition air tube. Would this work on my car? If it does it is misleading because the K & N models do not have an attachment that connects to a smaller tube that attaches to the radiator. Is anyone tracking?

i bought my s40 from carmax in 2004 with 34k ,lots of cosmetic fixes mostl iterior , a new trans mission , my check engine light is on ,but it also goes of .i think i need a replacement cap other than a few issues the car runs well
I have a 2005 Volvo S40 that I got about 5.5 years ago. i got it for the safety and reliability- or so I thought. About three years ago it started falling apart. I had to replace a balljoint, shocks and struts, rotors, etc. I am currently on my 3rd set of tires. The drain lines CONSTANTLY get clogged causing water to back up in the floorboards. Everytime I go in for something simple like an oil change or an inspection, I end up having to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars for for unexpected repairs. The over all cost of maitenance of this car is a flat out nightmare- Steer clear.
My 2000 S40 is a very good car, however given me headaches with endless problems. It has done 187 000Km and already I had to replace all my shocks and shock mountings, my engine mountings are making noises now. My biggest headache is my electronics, headlights not working correct, central locking not working all the time, radio aerial not working. I have been to an electrician and he says the Multifunction Control Module needs to be replace, however i have searched high and low and this part is not available in SA. I need help or will have to sell...
the car is not yet 6 years old and i am told that the passenger air bag sensors are burned out - the repair cost $1700+ dollars - i thought volvo was a dependable safe car but at the cost of their repairs it is not worth it - i could get a engine for the price of a small sensor - the air bag never deployed - the car was never in an accident and i am told these things just wear out - WHY should it wear out - very very disappointed
My 2002 Volvo S40 has been a workhorse from the time we bought it brand new. It now has 157000+ miles on it and it is still running strong. Have had 2 issues--blower fan runs on its own accord no matter where you set it and had a caliper issue on one front brake it is constantly engaging even after putting on 3 new calipers.
Overall my 2000 Volve S40 has been a good car, but now it won't pass my city's emission test. I really like this car, and I hope this isn't it's end.
My car has approx. 27,000 miles and I'm already starting to have problems with it (starter contorl unit, radio, A/C). I was hoping to keep it for a long time but in this case I'm planning to replace it with a Toyota. What a disappointment, I was convinced Volvo was one of the best. Not any more...
Fank very good car.
My car has 130,000 miles with no unexpected problems. I have had to repair the turbo seal and right engine mount, both are listed in the common problems list. Car runs great and gets 34MPG on the freeway.